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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Lisa, I'd go ahead and make that stretch bracelet so you can enjoy them! You know you can always change it in the future to something else.


Eolian, that rope is stunning! One of my favourites.
Pretty Tahitians, Lisa. Look forward to seeing what you do with them.
Pearlie Sue, beautiful pearls! I agree that the silvery tones would be lovely on your skin tone. I’m fair and pink-toned, too, and silvers always work better on me than the pinks.

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
I know, I know, I know, you’re right! it’s a wonder I ever got married I have so much trouble committing.


Traveling Pearl
I’m sorry to do a blanket wow to everyone’s pearls and a blanket thank you for all your comments. I am too far behind. I’ve been busy with caregiving responsibilities. I did have something very special arrive this week, though! “Bubbles!” A strand of fancy colored Tahitian bubbles from Kojima. :eek:



With a short extender-


lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
You look great, and I think you’re great, and I think probably everyone loves you and not a harsh thought will cross anyone’s mind. It’s all good, and virtual hugs, you’re beloved.
Lol! My "Boo" is my brother, Chesley. Here does have a great smile though and I can confirm he's just as good natured as the grin suggests. We were at a Rufus Wainwright concert, one of the last really fun things we did before lockdown! Now I'm seeing how much my neck needed some pearls, though...


Here are my earrings. I'll wear them on Monday and take better pictures. I believe that they're an old converted antique white gold and diamond watch, that was cut and had 9mm pearls added to make them into earrings. I'm conflicted, because I don't know the type or quality of the pearls, but I can definitely tell they aren't top quality. I'm very tempted to have them replaced by AAA akoya pearls, now that I'm learning now about pearls. But when I was photographing them I did notice that in strong light I could sort of see my reflection and tell that I had an orange sweater on, so maybe they aren't that bad. I'm still very ignorant about pearls, but I'm learning. Believe it or not, this is my only peice of pearl jewelry after I gave all my cheap freshwater pearls to various students over the years.


New member
Lisa c, those earrings looks great and I like that finding. 18,5inches, knotting and a clasp, would probably be around 20 inches or so depending on your clasp and how big the knots are. I find that knots really don't add that much on bigger pearls like these tahitians. It is a nice lenght but probably not long enough to see them all the time. But as bracelets you could.
Jeg, your new bubbles strand is amazing. I hope that whomever you had to care for is better.
Pearlie Sue, those earrings are gorgeous. You could exchange the pearls if you wanted to. Tahitians would look great with those diamonds as well, or small south sea pearls. What are the pearls size? About 8mm? Then you do whatever you wanted. Great quality akoyas as well of course. You must post a photo of your new strand when it arrives.


New member
Lisa C, very pretty T’s amd look forward to see what you ended up doing with it!

Pearliesue, great choice and I’m sure you’re going to be very happy with your purchase!

Jeg, those bubbles are red carpet material! Wow gorgeous pearls!!
Thank you all for the compliments on my T rope!

Lisa C, the ropes and bracelets are absolutely the way to go! You can admire your pearls all day like this! Of course, one can get...ahemm,,.quite distracted but at least you are always flying on a pearl high...:) I love the bracelets with the orbit claps, it is easy to connect them into a necklace and generally I find them quite easy to open/close. Let us know how your bracelet project goes!

Jeg, Jeg, Jeg!!!! Those bubbles are otherworldly!!! You have the dreamiest pearls! I can just imagine these sitting next to the Sea Glass and your tahitian ombre necklaces...wow...

Pearlie Sue, the silver toned freshadama necklace that you chose looks very beautiful, I am sure you will be very happy with it!


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, Lisa C, Marianne, and Charlotta. I have been taking turns with my mom’s caregiving for the past four years, but she has taken a recent downturn and I have her full time right now.

Thank you Lilpearl and eolian! The Bubbles really are otherworldly! I tried to take some side by side photos for you, eolian, but the daylight today is not the best. I’ll try again when it’s a little lighter out. Like you, I am dreaming of summer! In the meantime, here’s another pic of the Bubble strand.

Welcome Pearlie Sue! I hope you find your dream strand(s)! ;)



Traveling Pearl
White Australian South Sea strand from POJ (pearls grown in wild caught oysters), bubbly necklace from Kojima, and white Tahitian pendant from Kojima.



Active member
JEG: LOVE the Bubbles. All versions.

Pearlie Sue: Welcome to PG! Love the earrings. The pearls seem little on the satiny side, but I love the "watch parts" as earrings.


PG Forum Admin
Lovely jewelry JEG! And those Kojima Bubbles...they are so nice. Love to "feast" on all the lovely pieces everyone is sharing...and since this year we won't have a Tucson gem show: I need my fix! ;)
Oh jeg, sigh, those colors! I had no idea pearls could look like, and now I need all the colors. This could be a very dangerous hobby...
They're 9mm, and someone described them as "satiny" and that seems like an apt description. The more I'm learning about pearl types now I'm imagining how fantastic golden south sea pearls would be in them instead of akoyas. Or green tahitian pearls! So many colors to choose from!
Jeg, sending many wellwishes your way!

I need to repeat myself...the Bubbles are incredible!!! Please, please do tell us more about them.! What are the sizes of the pearls? Was it a custom project? Those colors...a fairytale necklace...enchanted medow bubbles...Oh, when the light is right and you find the time I will LOVE a picture of the bubbles with the Sea Glass...and your Ss tahitian ombre...Thank you!!!!

Ahemm...I might have made a rogue pearl purchase after staring at these for a bit too long .... a colorful smallish (7,7-9mm) Ts necklace that will take forever to get to me... ( along with other pieces...that’s another reason I cant wait for the summer...) in the meantime will continue to stare at your dreamy pieces....

Pearlie Sue beware, pearls are highly addictive and there are just so many beautiful colors on them as you can see here...When you think you have seen it all there is always an unexpected color or color combination that amazes you...neverending obsession...


PG Forum Admin
JEG: Sending you & your Mom our best.
And yes...those "Bubbles"! I think I have to reach out to Sarah ASAP.
Eolian Pearls: keep us tuned to your project :)
Pearlie Sue: Pearl Addiction is REAL. One of the forum's next projects will be an AA-like group. Thinking of PPA: Proudly Pearl Addicted, and we will encourage it! ;)
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