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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Oh my God, jeg I want endless access to your closet and your pearls! I’m dying.
lilpearl, you really scored, they look great on you.
eolian, I was about to say “are you Model-tough? Able to brave the chill to model clothes of summer?” but, I see your strategy. And though I love winter, I’m looking at SydK and Bernadette while my teeth are chattering....


PG Forum Admin
Yes, very "Corteish" indeed! Many of the lighter colored Tahitians and lightly colored Cortez look very much the same, but then you have the SIZE (Tahitians win always) and the "erotochromatic" pearls...when you have those intense deep chroma colors on Tahitians, Cortez, Kamoka or Fiji...they each have their distinctive overtones, unlike the others but they also overlap in the less intense colors.
I remember Josh and I talking -years ago- about making a set of pieces of Cortez-&-Kamoka (or Kamoka-&-Cortez) pearls, but we never got that started. Wishe we had.
Thank you Charlotta, Lilpearl and Lisa C! Lisa C, you always make me smile :)

Thank you for your input Douglas, you confirm what I was suspecting, only the lighter Ts may resemble the (lighter colored) Cortez pearls, the intense colored “erotochromatic” Cortez are truly unique. And now you have me dreaming about a Kamoka&Cortez/ Cortez&Kamoka necklace...
Thank you Katbran!

Here is my special pearl day (20.1.21) look. Circled Ts rope& bracelet and one of my favorite earrings from Margaret of Simply Adorned.
Help me choose

Help me choose


I could not for the life of me figure out how to create my own post, but hopefully people will see this. I need help choosing between two pearl necklaces! I'm getting a strand of freshadama pearls and I have the choice between a rose overtone and a silver overtone. For a fair skinned (pink undertones) redhead, does anyone have any opinions? I included some not-great photos of myself- but at least one includes my antique pearl earrings! Below are my two necklaces options. Unfortunately it's a custom length, so I can't get both and keep my favorite.



PG Forum Admin
Hello PearlieSue, and welcome to our forum :)
The reason why you could not post is that you are a new member and the first postings must undergo scrutiny for Spam. We take Spam -and any other kind of canned meats- seriously here.
But you have been approved for your first post and you must wait until I approve a couple more until they show up instantly, my apologies for this but it is done for the sake of having a safe & clean from spam forum :)

The strands you have shown us are genuinely nice, quite some chutzpah in them BTW. I would stick to the silvery ones since your skin-tone will work better on them in my opinion.
But I am sure we have more forum members ready to give you a piece of their experience on the subject.
Again...welcome aboard.


New member
Eolian pearls, that rope is gorgeous. I know that I keep saying that but it's true. The colors are so pretty.
Pearlie Sue, I would also choose the strand with the silvery overtones. Since you cannot try them both that would be my safest bet. I hope that you will love your new strand and welcome to the forum.
Oh okay, that makes sense! Thank you for keeping the forum safe, and thank you for the advice! I'm leaning towards the silvery one too. I can feel myself falling down the pearl rabbit hole, and I imagine eventually I'll end up with plenty of fancy colored pearls, and pink seems a very common color. It will be good to have one true white strand.
Oh, I wish! But it's a custom stand, so it can't be returned. I'm a teeny bit nervous about that, but almost everyone seems really, really happy with their freshadama pearls, and since 99% of the pearls I've ever owned were low quality freshwater pearls, I'm bound to be impressed!
I think I'm leaning towards them. I think the pink ones might be a bit too close to my skintone. And I was so sure I wanted pink, too, until I saw them together!

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Wow, those silvers pop! I think they’ll glow on your skin.

Also, I’m really glad you weren’t asking us to choose between your earrings and your Boo. He’s got a super smile, and I really hate to leave pearls on the table.....

may I?
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lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Eolian, super look! I’m more and more convinced that long is the way to go.

I’m wearing some Tahitians from a while ago Druzy designs, not strung yet because they’ve either got to go longer or become bracelets. I’m not having fun with them because I can’t see them at this length.

Well, I have fun handling and looking at them, but I want to wear them.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Lisa, those Tahitians would make a great bracelet. Sounds like a great winter project now that we are all stuck at home.
What kind of clasp would you use? Or would you make a stretch bracelet?

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Stretch, because clasps are getting difficult.
On the itherhand, if I do clasps I could put them together again for a necklace....
(aaaaannnd, after a few more years of agonizing, she dies with her pearls unstrung ;):D:D , heeheehee, not really, but I’d better get a move on!)

This May call for more pearls....:rolleyes:


New member
Those tahitians looks great lisa c. They would be great as a bracelet or two. How long is the strand now? Be warned however, I have tried to make more bracelets recently, but their number is dwindling and the ropes keeps increasing both in number and in lenght. Best to hide the scissors... More pearls is surtainely an option, I have ordered more bracelets (unstrung) myself. Hopefully they stay bracelets. But the power of the scissors are strong...
Those earrings are interesting, what are they?
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lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Hi Charlotta, you crack me up with the warnings about lack of bracelets, lol.
17”, plus I have another 3 pearls to add which would be a total of 18.5” unknotted.

I got the earrings second hand from loupe troop or diamond bistro, so not sure, but the thinking is cultured akoya and dyed cultured akoya. They have fabulous backs, very secure,118F69E2-2D03-4491-AF72-5A04B102507E.jpg
Eventually I’d like to flip the arrangement, and replace the dyed akoya with Tahitians. The dark pearls on the bottom just seems to get lost in the shadows down there. They’re kind of small pearls so maybe replacing them with Ts isn’t a good plan, but idk, one can hope? I think the only way it’s possible is teardrop shape or keishi, or maybe it’s a pipe dream. What the heck, right?

They’re not bad for dyed, but when put next to real Tahitians you can tell.
they’re nice, but the Tahitian has a quality of light, like dancing.
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