Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

JEG, all your new dangle earrings are amazing.

Hot and raining again today. More loose linen. Drops on Mom's diamond hoops. PP pistachio akoya short necklace. Kojima mixed tin cup and Everything Bagel rope. The colors are not showing up. The short necklace is very green. Everything Bagel has blue and green small akoya pearls, and very colorful large ones. The large purple pearls are Kasumi pearls. The blue green keshi are Tahitians from Kamoka. The white and gold and green are South Sea.



So many wonderful pearls.
Thysa, welcome!
Jeg, your earings are amazing; BWeaves, love the light-hued layers, Lunglitz, just wow - those look huge and fabulous!
Thank you ladies for your welcome and kind words. I love this forum so much, you ladies have too many beautiful pearls, such great eye candies to light up any day.
Jeg I love all your pieces but your bronze pearls are some of my favorites. Such lovely shades of bronze, green, rose and gold in each pearl. Sigh.......

BWeaves you look lovely in your high luster salt water pearls. You have a knack of layering strands to achieve a perfect look. Very stylish.
Thanks BWeaves, SydK and Gemandpearlover! BWeaves, I admire you and 86C for being able to wear anything around your necks in such hot weather! You look cool and fresh.:cool: Gemandpearlover, sounds like your weather called for extra layers- sweater and pearls! What a great collection of lavenders. :p
I normally use seashells that I’ve collected myself, but I made these from a very special collection of shells that was given to me by a dear friend. Her father lived in the Marshall Islands for a few years in order to find work, and spent his evenings collecting seashells around the Islands. Wearing the seashell earrings with my bubbly necklace from Kojima and SS necklace.


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Jeg- Your seashell collection is growing in the most beautiful way. So pretty and so special to have memories of friends attached to your beautiful earrings.

Speaking of friends- my neighbor and dear friend lent me their chain saw today. I can't use mine because DH has hidden it because I am forbidden to use a chain saw any longer. Yes- I have been very, very bad.

So cutting down small trees with a borrowed chain saw and ripple pearls when DH is away. :)

Gemandpearlover,:eek:, I don’t know whether to be more afraid for you, or the pearls, or the tree, or the chain saw! From the sound of it, you must be a real terror with that thing. Stay safe and leave some of your tree standing.
Everyone is looking so wonderful in all their Pearl Glory! I'm having a hard time keeping up!
Old pic cause I forgot to take a pic today of my turquoise & pearls....but this is what I wore while grocery shopping. It was hot today.


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This is all so lovely to come home from the hospital and look at .... thanks to everyone for the beauty!!!

JEG, those seashell earrings ... stunning!
Everyone's looks are so refreshing! JEG, Gemandpearlover, and 86C!

Today it's amethysts, but yesterday it was Kojima. Kasumi earrings with tanzanite. Kasumi pendant on gold knit choker. Freshwater tin cup with Greg Who dangling from the clasp.



My outtie phone camera seems to capture pearl colors better than my innie (selfie) phone camera. I need to stand in front of the mirror and put the screen towards the mirror so I can what I'm shooting, but it works.

Kojima opal and Tahitian drop earrings. La Perlagrina from Kamoka.


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So many lovely pearls! 86C, you must have been the most glamorous person at the grocery store!
Jeg, love your latest seashell earrings.
Bweaves, the freshwaters look wonderful with that lilac/mauve linen.
And G&P, I laughed and laughed but was also slightly alarmed by the idea of you wielding an illicit chainsaw.
I have new pearls - round silver Tahitians with a slight blue tone. I’ve been gradually collecting enough silver baroque Tahitians to make a strand for a while now, and I do still want to finish that project, but I kind of love how symmetrical and matchy these are in comparison to the baroques.
could this color possibly be natural?
You can never trust photos of Tahitians - this pic was taken just a moment after the pic above, but facing in a different direction, and they look aqua coloured due to the sweater.
Could this color possibly be natural?
SydK, I'm always amazed that colored pearls like Tahitians will completely change color to reflect the clothing they are next to. I think it's also why T's look better when worn. Skin color completely changes them, compared to sitting in the box. Silver T's are especially good at mirroring color. I love them on your aqua sweater.
86C, those aqua colors look soooo cool and (sigh) like tropical waters.

BWeaves, I especially like the keshi with Gregwho, and the lavender colors.

SydK, I love your new T’s! Silver is a personal favorite of mine. So pretty.
Lovely lovely pearls ladies!!!
SydK,your silver blues are so so pretty, one of my wishlist strands...
Jeg, love love love your shell and pearl earrings!!!
BWeaves I am stuck admiring your opal and tahitian earrings...lovely lovely combination...
Rainy today, so pearls without knots. The Hamentaschen (from Pacific Pearls) on a yellow gold cable choker. Mikimoto yellow gold huggies. They're comfy under earphones when I'm on a Zoom session for hours. Kojima Lily Pad ring.

Brown Longish Pearls


Thanks so much eolian pearls!

BWeaves, that’s a nice comfy look for all your Zooming. Plus a fun ring for distraction.
Thank you, Ladies! I just love the combination of pearls & turquoise! It's such a summery combination & yes, Jet, it does remind me of the Carribean ocean!

Jeg, I just love your latest creation with the shells. They look amazing.
BW, your pearls are always splendid & your earrings are fantastic!
Love your colorful pearls....Pearls & a chain saw....who says women can't do it all & still be glamorous!
Fabulous T's, SydK!

I went to vote early today so I decided to wear this fun FW baroque necklace with the panther. It rained earlier today but it's muggy as all get out now that the sun has come out!


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