Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Cashmere holds up very well throughout the years. I have some of my Mom's sweaters from the early 1960's that are still going strong. It's me who grew out of them.

I've learned that if a new pearl style comes in, I can't wait and dither about it. I've seen too many pearl styles disappear when the farmers move on to culturing a different style and shape of pearl.
Audrie013: I love your choker, bracelet and you're whole look. Very elegant.

SydK: I love your reworked necklaces.
Over the weekend I wore my littleh pendant and yellow gold Miki earrings.


And today I wore the Kamoka Goddess on a chain, and Kamoka peacock and lavender mismatched studs.


Audrie- You look so beautiful and your pearls are wonderful. Like looking at a picture in a magazine.

Sydk- Your pondslime ripples look great on you. Bronze IMHO is such a special color in pearls.

BWeaves- I love your pendants. The Little H pendant is amazing with the emeralds. Her creations are so unique and beautiful. You look great wearing it.
I've been admiring everyone's pearls in this forum for a while, but this is my first time sharing my pearls. This cheap freshie from Wen turn out great, I like it so much. It brightens up my day :)IMG_1718.jpg
Welcome, thysa! Your pearls turned out great! Hope you’ll continue to post.

This week I worked with gemstones using old mine tourmaline, peridot, aquamarine, etc...

These will be good for fall

WOW, ladies!!! You all look so wonderful in your pearls & new creations. Welcome, Thysa. You're going to love it here.

We've had rain all week but it looks like the sun is coming out. Today I'm wearing my 2 Kojima waterfall necklaces along with my WSS sterling octopus with little green diamond eyes, Autore WSS drop earrings & ring.


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Silver Tahitians

Silver Tahitians

Sheer boredom! Although Texas has relaxed restrictions, my husband and I are still remaining at home except for periodic supermarket visits. I do get "dressed" each day with makeup but usually no jewelry. Today I made an effort and I am wearing one of my baroque silver Tahitian strands. It is one of the first long strands I bought at least 5 years ago from American Pearl.


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Lovely, lovely pieces ladies!

Jeg, I love all your creations, yours are my favorite kind of earrings - perfect combination of gemstones, pearls, colors, the design....I am getting more and more inspired to give wire-wrapping another try...
86C and Luvglitz, you both look so gorgeous dressed up in your pearls!

Thank you eolian pearls! I haven’t worn very many dangly earrings in years, but I’m finding them fun to wear right now since not being able to leave the house. They are light and stay out of the way, and the swingy feel is entertaining.

Thank you, Pattye! Such a nice compliment coming from the expert!! Since I have lots of time, I tried one of the fall-ish earrings with an oversized topper. And a Freshwater strand from Kojima. Just for you!!


OMG, too many beautiful looks to comment on. I love them all.

It's a blue day here, and by that, I mean lots of rain in the afternoon. Blue baroque akoyas from PP. Drop earrings and Greg Who pendant from Kojima.


The soap bubble effect on all these pearls is very high, but it's not coming through in the photos. The blue pearls are very blue with lots of hot pink color. The pink pearls (earrings and pendant) have a ton of purple and blue and green in them.


Thysa's look in reverse!
Jeg, you look fabulous!!! Those earrings go perfectly with your Kojima strand!!! Just spectacular!!

BW, you look wonderful in your blues. Blues do have a special place in my heart!
Jeg, you put a huge smile on my face; your outfit truly features the pearls and the amazing earrings, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

And huge appreciation to our forum members for keeping this awesome thread going!

Welcome, Audrie, delightful wedding pearls and Thysa, your glowing pearls, so pretty!

BWeaves, getting happy with the blues! Love the contrast of the added pink!
Thank you, 86C and Pattye! I am totally entertained but I need to pull myself away and get back to more walking/dog torture since we are having such nice weather.

Now I’ve started raiding my seashell collection.