Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

It's hot & humid today. I was in the mood for goldens today so I'm wearing my favorite GSS/yellow sapphire ring & GSS?WSS bypass bracelet, along with my GSS necklace, Kojima GSS/white FW waterfall & a very old golden Akoya strand from my Mom. Also, GSS shoulder duster earring a la Purranha! Thanks Purr for all your advice. I made several of these as Christmas gifts & everyone loved them!


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Jeg your earrings are lovely. The Tahitians and SS pearls go so well together and the keshi dangles are gorgeous too. Are those aquamarines with the silver tahitians? So pretty together.

86CorevetteGirl- Wow! You are the picture of elegance with your saltwater pearls, gold and sapphires. The ring, the earrings, the strands......just perfect.
Thanks, Gemandpearlover & BW. I was lucky to find it; I have the sister ring in Tahitian & blue sapphires which I wear quite often.
86C That photo is a lemon sorbet in a tropical garden on a hot day :) Lovely!
Thanks so much everyone!!:eek: Yes, Gemandpearlover, it’s Aquamarine.

86C you are a vision in gold. Dripping in gold! I would literally be dripping if I lived in hot humid weather. :p I admire you for being able to wear pearls at all.

My earrings are getting longer. :D The newest pair is made of golden SS keshi and freshwater drops.

Your new earrings are gorgeous Jeg, I'm not brave enough to wear earrings that long...kitten might attack.
Thanks, CathyKeshi & Jeg. Mother Nature likes to play with the weather here. It's hot one day & cooler the next. It's 61 degrees today. You never know with Spring time Ga weather.
Jeg, those earrings are glorious. I love long shoulder dusters cause when it gets really hot & humid, they're the perfect earrings. You don't have to wear a necklace with them. I just love the pairing of golden keshi & FW drops. You may need to go into the earring business!!
I've been wearing pearls, but not always taking photos. But today I layered up.

Hanadama studs and natural white Hanadama rope from PP. SS tin-cup from Kojima. Aunt Love's Blue Lagoon necklace with Greg Who dangling off it.



Mom's akoya ring. Handwoven blouse. Batik by a dye teacher I had. I thought it was easier to buy her artwork than try to make it myself. She would start with black fabric, put the wax on and then bleach it. Remove the wax. Then put more wax on and re-dye it.

You are all so glamorous, and I am envious of all your wonderful light summer clothes. Definitely wool season here.
Usually I am all about Tahitians, but it is grey and overcast here and they have lost all their overtones, so I’m in Edisons today. Nice to rediscover them - this strand has beautiful round metallics that shine in low light, and I’d forgotten how much I like it 0F8F16FA-BC85-4261-883A-C0276B7BC989.jpeg
And here is a better picture of the pearls which shows their true lustre.
They’re a bit more pink in real life - closer to the colours in the photo above. I recently restrung them on Rose Beaders Secret (thanks Pattye), which looks so much nicer than the original white.
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Ohhhhhh ladies, you made me smile today with all those lovely pearls !!

Jeg, I am loving your new earrings. dangle, shiny and colorful ! And you were them to perfection.

BW, Oh my goodness, you personify classic elegance with your layers of white pearls. You wear them well !!

SydK, I love your Edison necklace. You definitely brought brightness to a dreary day. The color looks lovely on you, and they are wonderfully metallic.

Thanks for the smile, ladies !! :)
JEG: Love the dangles!

SydK: Your Edisons look amazing next to your skin and the mauve tones of the soft fabric. Gorgeous.

Over 93F today so I went light and airy. More white T-shirts and white pearls. Reborn earrings. Keshi necklace from Kojima. And the Hamentaschen on the gold wire choker.

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