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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

So many lovely new pieces and looks!!!

Jeg, your new necklace is absolutely gorgeous! Such a vibrant and fun piece! I saw it on Kojima’s IG too and immediately saved the picture to my “eye candy” folder, so happy to see more of it in the future!

Azflygirl the Sausalito necklace is the most amazing FW strand for me...I have never seen anything like these soft mesmerizing colors...Wow, yes, these look like pure joy to me as well!

Sydk I love your little pendant! What a lovely shape and color!

My little contribution is a Tahitian leather necklace/bracelet that I have been wearing a lot these day, love the bracelets this way I get to stare at the pearls all day:)66531DB3-C008-4D3D-8028-094220A64677.jpg68F3113C-C9D3-4D6B-A467-DD35FFB1A0C0.jpg


Seeing all these wonderful pearls makes me so happy, and thanks everyone for your kind comments.
Azflygirl, your collection is just amazing - the sausilito strand is beyond stunning. Just wow.
Gemandpearlover, I look forward to your doubles - the purple strand really is beautiful.
Jeg, that strand didn’t catch my eye on kojima’s site, but wow, it really sings on you and is brilliantly matched with your top. You are causing me to reconsider my longstanding indifference to coral jewellery.
Eolian, those are beautiful Tahitians. Love the colours and the textural contrast between pearls, leather and jeans.


Active member
OMG, my jaw just hit the ground looking at all the lovely pearls on this page.

Meanwhile I'm waiting to hear how much the new paint job is going to cost. AND, my vacuum cleaner just died. This is NOT what I want to spend my money on. Sigh.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, Marianne, Charlotta, Eolian Pearls, SydK and BWeaves! Eolian Pearls, that necklace/bracelet is just perfect for these stay at home days and beyond.


New member
What a great page of pearls, starting with AZ's Sausalito. What a stunner. Love that new strand, jeg. eolian's bracelet is a stunner as well.


I’m in to pendants at the moment - lighter and more casual for working from home. Flamingo-print tea dress and a big lavender fireball today


New member
AzFly- That is a stunning strand. I love that it's quite smooth and that mirror lustre !

GemandPearl - those are lovely together, my favourite colours !

jeg- That is a cute and very summery piece ! As always you look wonderful !

Eolian- the leather wrapped bracelets are so cool - love the tahitians !

SydK - That's a gorgeous fireball !! Look at his tail .. like a Japanese fighting fish !


New member
Jeg you are the picture of spring with your floral dress and Kojima Tahitian necklace. I think the coral accents in the necklace are very pretty.

Sydk- the flameball necklace is gorgeous. It coordinates perfectly with the colors of the flamingos.

Eolian- Very pretty bracelet and it is so neat how you can change the placement of the pearls when wearing it to get different looks.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much Katbran and Gemandpearlover!

SydK, that’s fun how it looks like the flamingos are playing with the fireball.:D


I do love everything posted here recently. I wish I had a fraction of jeg’s total style. ❤️ I would love to string Tahitians on leather cord like eolian pearls did. I’ll have to get some with large holes.

SydK, the flamingo blouse plus that fireball pendant makes me really happy!


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, multichrome! What a nice compliment.:eek:

When I purchased a strand of freshwater pearls a while back from Kojima, I asked Sarah if she had any extra pearls that would work to make an extender for the strand. She sent such gorgeous, lustrous, rainbow pearls, I just couldn’t see hiding them in the back as an extender. I finally got around to making something else with them, with some extra pearls in my supplies. I used some keshi and the tiny brownish pearls are wild, naturally formed Sea of Cortez pearls I got from Carolyn Ehret. It gives the necklace an overall coppery, greenish, pink color. Worn here with a strand I made of freshwater pearls from Hong Kong. This is what I’m wearing to vacuum today! I tried to get my Adidas in the pic, but the angle wasn’t right. ;)
Here are the pearls she sent-




New member
So much eye candy to catch up on today !!

Charlotta, Eolian, SydK, Red and Katbran, thank you for your kind words on my Sausalito strand. The minute I saw it on the Kojima post, I had to inquire and buy it, I was complete mesmerized. :eek:

GemandPearlover, the two large FWP strands are lovely together. I think they nest so well together Their luster is supreme.

Jeg, I love your new Kojima T necklace. It looks so good with your blouse you have on, and the colors are lovely. And the new tin cup you made, is luscious ! So pretty with the pearls you combined together. It looks great with your FWP strand as well. Oh so pretty.

Still on my kick of trying to be a little more attentive to my attire at home. I do feel a pep in my step, making the effort. I live in my pretty and lightweight sundresses in summer, since in the Sonoran Desert. This weekend we had our first 100F degree temp, and it is just April!! Today they expect 103. Oh what fun......its hereeeeeeee. lol

Temps in mind, I am wearing one of my sundresses in white, pink, magenta and green, with a little white shrug, since it gets cool sometimes in the airco. I decided to pair it with one of my earliest T purchases a medium green baroque. It has lovely luster, it is smoothed skin for the most part, pretty green color and pearl size is nice for me. Not to mention it has my adored bean clasp, which makes it so much easier for me to put on and take off. With age has come hand issues, so I truly detest those horrible ball clasp. They are so difficult on some days, I will not even contemplate putting attempting a necklace that has that clasp, sadly. For such a hot day, I feel pretty cool ! lol ;)
Pearls Tara Med green Ts 1.jpg


Traveling Pearl
Thanks AzFlyGirl and Charlotta! AzFlyGirl, I am enjoying your stay at home glam! Lovely Tahitians.

This is from last week. A friend had two of us over to enjoy her backyard. It’s huge and like a park. Her patio squares are 1 foot squares, so she had the distance of the chairs all measured on the patio. Wearing my Keshi pearl chain and white Tahitian drop from Kojima with Tahitian Keshi posts from Maui Divers, Hawaii.



New member
Jeg the color of the rainbow pearls are lovely and they look amazing with the keshi pearls. I love the garden pic- you look so pretty.

AZFlyGirl- I can see why you have pep in your step when you are wearing a sundress and beautiful Tahitians.

Just another double strand look today. I bought a few purple strands so I am on that kick now. They are each different enough for me to appreciate each strand individually. I am so looking forward to summer and summer clothes and sandals.