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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
BW, you look fabulous!!!
Jeg, I love that funky pearl pendant!! So unusual!

It's Tahitian & WSS ombré strands with my version of La Peregrina....just now as big as the original! LOL


  • Ombre Tahitians South Sea 2.jpg
    Ombre Tahitians South Sea 2.jpg
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New member
I can't keep up with all the recent lovely pics!
86C, love that Tahitian & WSS ombre!
Jeg, that tincup and pendant are gorgeous! Sometimes the delicate pieces speak the loudest to me!
BWeaves, you have some stunning new pieces! That Kojima carved pendant, all I can say is wow.
Wore my new baroque blue akoya double strand with a toasty purple-blue cashmere sweater, jeans and boots to wait with my toddler in our yard on Saturday for the Easter Bunny to drive by. Toddler was obviously 1) better dressed than me 2) intermittently trying to get a grip on my necklace.


New member
On Easter I rewore my wedding set with a springy periwinkle floral dress. The pearls are not the greatest, white freshwaters around 6-6.5mm from Effy with yellow gold, but since I wore them at my wedding and they were gifts from my parents and my husband, they have a lot of sentimental value. Saves them from perishing due to PSS! IMG_20200412_121637.jpg


New member
Such beautiful pearls everyone!

BWeaves I love your layered salt water pearls and sassy pose! You look amazing.

Jeg- All your pearls are gorgeous and your tin cup necklace is so colorful and elegant. You are very talented.

Red- You have an amazing collection of Tahitian and SS pearls and they all are beautiful. I like how you layered the pearls.

Sarah- Your blue baroque Akoyas have such fabulous color and luster. You look great in your delicate pearls as well.

Such a nice distraction today to see everyone's pearls as I go stir crazy this morning. Hopefully it will warm up a bit for many of us and we can get outside.


Active member
I love the blues and the delicate white pearls. Very pretty, Sarahsmile87. 86C, great ombre!

Introducing WALTER WHO! He's dangling from my TNT necklace from Ocean's Cove (worn backwards). Kojima long Tahitian tin-cup.


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New member
KarinK, haha. That’s so funny.
86Corvettegirl, I love your ombre strand, they ard gorgeous.
sarahsmile87, you look gorgeous in your pearls.
Bweaves, Walter who is just marvelous.


Active member
Thanks, Sarasmile, BW, & Charlotta! I do love these ombré strands.

Love your wedding pearls, Sarasmile! And the blue double strand really stands out with your sweater.
BW, Walter Who is amazing with your TNT strand! I'm so glad he went to a great home!!

Today, it's white soufflé necklace with blue Akoya & large drop earrings from Sakura. I've been watching the birds at the feeders in the back yard.


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Traveling Pearl
86C, you look lovely in your ombré and soufflé pearls! An inspiration for dressing up. Sarahsmile, your double Akoya and the wedding set look great on you. Personally, I like the size of your earrings. And BWeaves, Walter Who is spectacular. I love a big drop and it will work with all your T’s.

I continue to keep it simple. Not doing too much other than getting out for walks.
Wearing a Tahitian pendant from Mark Kane Designs, Hawaii.


More scenery from my walks.




New member
I like that souffle strand 86Corvettegirl, such fun shapes.
That’s a pretty pendant Jeg, and it looks like a nice walk as well.


Active member
Thanks, Jeg & Charlotta. I enjoy wearing this soufflé necklace. It has a matching bracelet that I can add to make it longer in length. It's quite comfortable to wear, too.

Love your T pendant, Jeg. Simple & light; perfect for walks.


New member
Wonderful pearls, folks. Love the white souffles, Walter Who is a spectacular pendant, and love jegs walking pendant.

I wore my new aqua Kamoka studs with my Rikitea blue body Tahitians for my afternoon walk. Love my blues.



New member
BWeaves ... LOL LOL LOL ... and you look beautiful wearing the WHO's, they each look terrific with their siblings! The green on the Walter Who is brighter than I imagined; very nice. It's been a rough week here; the peals of laughter and uncontrolled giggles over Walter Who have been unexpected delights :)


Active member
Oh wow. 86C, great soufflé's . They look like clouds. JEG, that's a stunning pendant. Red, love your new blue Tahitians. Gemandpearlover, beautiful ripples.

Cathy, I'm glad I'm Walter Who is giving you the giggles. It makes me smile every time I think of The Who Brothers, too.

I'm in a blue mood today, too. Blue Baroque Akoyas from PP, and drops from Kojima.



New member
Those ripples looks great on you Gemandpearllover.
Your blue akoyas are lovely Bweaves, it must be catching. I put my silver tahitians with blue overtones and my turquoise and pink tahitian studs in my temporary jewelry box for tomorrow (I leave the house at 5am, so I always prepair the day before). I restrung the silver tahitians today, the tread looked worn, so admired all the pearls closely.