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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Such lovely additions to this thread. Red your moonstone pieces are so unique and gorgeous. BWeaves you look amazing in linen and pastel pearls- so fresh. Charlotta- what a creative and beautiful headpiece- it makes me smile. And Jeg- Your pearls are so gorgeous- I love all your pieces. And of course 86Corvettegirl your one of a kind statement necklace is a work of art.

Today I am layering clothes- comfy jeans, T-shirt and sweater with FW pearls. I thought I fell out of love with my freshies but it seems I love them when the weather is chilly.



Active member
I don't get to post as often as I would like, but I just had to stop by and say WOW!!! such beautiful pieces and stylings. I am loving every page of this thread.

Red, those man in the moon pieces are whimsical and delightful! They remind me of Anthony Lent's moon faces, although his are carved in gold.

And 86, that piece done by Sheri is outstanding.


New member
Thank you 86Corvettegirl and Gemandpearllover. Gemandpearllover, your freshwaters are really nice and go great together with darker clothes.


Active member
Thanki you, Gemandpearlover & JP. Kanaloa is a hit everywhere he goes! I have an evening wedding to go to Nov 2nd & I'm planning to wear him.

You wear your freshies so well, Gemandpearlover! They look fabulous!


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, 86C, CathyKeshi, lary007, Charlotta, BWeaves and Gemandpearlover!

That’s a fun creation, Charlotta! Hope it works with your costume.

Gemandpearlover, those layers look great together and tie back to your outfit as well.

Andrew M

New member
Out running some errands. Today finds Mom wearing some simple but very high quality Akoya studs, around 8.5mm-ish

My mom likes the classic, slight pink-ish hue.

I show her some of the great stylings on this thread and she always chuckles in admiration because she keeps things so simple! Great looks from you all.



Active member
Gorgeous studs. Top quality!

Today I wore my littleh pendant on my birthday akoya necklace. POJ metallic drops on Mom's diamond hoops.


Mom's akoya ring and freshwater bracelet.



New member
Red - Those Moonstone pieces are just wonderful. I love Moonstone - and these carved moons are amazing... the jewellery is just stunning..that ring !!
BWeaves - Looking very cool in your lightweight pearl layers. Chanel would definitely be easy for you !! And the photo of your 4 strand bracelet ... it's lovely !

jeg - when do you ever NOT look amazing ! My fav rope !!

GemandPearl- Those ropes look wonderful and I think the size and length suit the more wintery clothes !

Charlotta - what a clever idea - it looks wonderful and I hope it stays on !!!

Andrew - Your mom's studs are amazing...just amazing lustre !!!


Active member
Andrew, your mom's studs are beautiful. Classic never goes out of style!!

BW, your little h emerald pendant is one of my favorites. It's so beautiful!

Went to dinner tonight with the hubby & some of his business associates. I wore one of my Barbara Bixby Amazing Grace crosses on my long freshie rope, my 9.5-10mm Akoya strand from PP & my WSS diamond earrings.


  • Amazing Grace cross fheshies Akoya.jpg
    Amazing Grace cross fheshies Akoya.jpg
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Active member
Oops, I thought you had the most amazing zipper pull. It was the pendant. Great triple and earrings!

Today, I'm rather boring compared to everyone else. This was MY LOOK back in college (late 70's), only back then I wore my cheap 7 mm akoya studs and Nana's 8 mm well worn choker. Today it's my 9 mm Hanadama studs from PP and Mom's 9 mm choker. I still love this look. Classic.



New member
BWeaves that pendant on your Akoya strand is absolutely stunning! I love it with your green shirt.

86Corvettegirl your white strands paired with the cross is such a gorgeous look. Hope you enjoyed your dinner.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks, Katbran!!

Beautiful Akoya, Andrew, BWeaves, and 86C! I feel like I should be posting white Akoya, but I’m breaking the trend...

A couple more days in my new copper Tahitian strand from the current PP sale.


I found this interesting pearl at Pearls By The Bay, and had Sarah set a gold loop on the top so I could use it as a pendant.



Active member
Thanks, Gemandpearlover, jeg & BW! The cross is an enhancer so it could be used as a zipper pull. What a great idea! Your Hanadama earrings & your Mom's choker look wonderful on you. Classic never goes out of style.

Jeg, those copper T's are just magical! Such a great look!!


New member
AndrewM, your mothers akoya studs are beautiful.
Bweaves, your emerald pendant is so beautiful. I also think that you cannot go wrong with a white akoya strand and studs, I usecto wear that a lot as well. Nowadays when I want something classic I wear my 8,10-11,4 mm white south sea strand from Cees and my 9,4mm white south sea studs. My poor akoyas, that really are gorgeous are abandoned, but I let familymembers borrow them for special occasions.
86Corvettegirl, I really like that pendant.
Jeg, your new copper strand is gorgeous.
Katbran, the headpiece stayed on, secured by about 20 hairpins, it still hurts. Noone new what a flapper was though, they thought I was suppose to be an angel...


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, 86C, Charlotta and Gemandpearlover!

86C, looks like a fun play date! They are gorgeous together.

I am still crafting with my seashells. I had these pinkish pearls and keshi from Carolyn Ehret for a while, just waiting for the right project. I incorporated them with my beads and seashells to make a necklace and coordinating strand. I also found a loose pink, champagne, with some green, Edison that I turned into a pendant. Most of these shells are from Okinawa and Hawaii, and one from Sanibel Island.