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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Parrot Lady

New member
I pulled these strands out of the drawer to wear to dinner because they showed predominately strong purple and cherry overtones. Put them on and walked 4 feet away to look at them and, traitors!, they miraculously became multi-colored.



New member
Parrot Lady - So pretty. Love those overtones.

I pulled out some old favorites to wear today along with my mixed Kojima rope.

Earrings are white SSP set in red gold along with a carved moonstone and diamonds. Designed and set by Stephen Vincent Design in Minneapolis. Next is a strand of tiny white Tahitians from Pearl Paradise. The pendant has woven 24kt gold, tsavorites and a Tahitian pearl from T Lee Custom Designer Jewelry in Minneapolis.





Active member
MY, OH MY!!!! I leave for a few days & I'm still trying to catch up. So many beautiful pearls! So many gorgeous earrings, pendants, rings & necklaces! You ladies are really rocking the pearls!!

Here are a few pics from Nola. Tahitians, Fijis, & of course, Kanaloa. Kanaloa really enjoyed the food, drinks & music. He enjoyed Hurricanes but I think his favorite drink were the Black Pearls.


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Parrot Lady

New member
Red, I especially like your earrings. Carved moonstones have always intrigued me and I love the carved face, the diamond crescent, and the full moon of the SSPs.


Active member
Thank you, Parrot Lady. Kanaloa drew attention everywhere we went. Even had someone ask if he was for sale. I told them no because he was custom made for me but I did tell them about Pearl Guide & told them to contact La_Corsetiere on here.


New member
Gorgeous tahitian strands Parrot Lady, you are right though. You move an inch and the tahitians change color...
Beautiful earrings Red, you have such a lovely collection.
I hope that you had a nice trip 86Corvettegirl, your pearls are beautiful.


Active member
Thank you for uprighting the pics, Lisa c. I wish I knew how to do that.

Thanks, SYDK, BW, Jeg, & Charlotta. I wish we could have stayed longer. I had brought other pearls to wear but hubby forgot to load the garment bag that had all my tops in it. We had a great time. I ate beignets every morning & had frog legs & crawfish til I thought I would pop. The diet was completely blown. LOL It was worth it!


New member
Everyone looks fantastic; and I agree I can't keep up with the loveliness!

86, NOLA sounds fabulous, and your Octopus was certainly an evening star!

Red, I do not remember those glorious earrings ... but I won't forget them now! Reminiscent in style/feeling of your beautiful ring I love so much, I think, even those the stones etc. are somewhat different.


Active member
It's finally cooling off. It's only been in the 80's F this past week. It's pearl time.

The Swan on a white gold knit choker. Everything Bagel rope and mixed pearl tin-cup from Kojima.


Lilypad ring from Kojima.


The Hamantaschen on white gold cable choker and white gold Mikimoto earrings.


Kasumi and amethyst earrings and long ombre freshwater keshi rope from Kojima.
Ripples from Pacific Pearl.



The Swan on a slightly longer yellow gold knit choker. Blue drops from Kojima on my own hoops.


Keshi necklace from Kojima. Reborn pearl choker and drop earrings are from a jewelry designer I don't remember.

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Happy Huku

New member
Absolutely thrilled with my beautiful new 12mm Australian WSS Toki earrings that I collected from the post office this afternoon.
Put them on as soon as I got home, work clothes and all and made my husband take a couple of ear shots because I had to post them on PG asap!
Have never worn dangles before and have never had such 'large' earrings either, I have yet to be struck with PSS... please, no!

Thank you Katbran for your patience and for finding something so precious for me.


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