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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thanks everyone!

A couple days of Fiji pearls-

Bracelet made up of J. Hunter pearls from PP, and Fiji pearls from Cees made into two strands.


J. Hunter keshi pendant purchased in Fiji, with a long strand of randomly placed Fiji pearls from Cees.

Oh MY!! Jeg, your Fijis are TDF!!! I have 1 Fiji strand from Cees & I want to get a couple of more from him in longer lengths when funds allow. I want the real colorful ones now!!! What length are yours & how large are the pearls? They look so beautiful on you!!
jeg I love those FIJI pearls ! We were lucky to get them from Cees when his friend bought the whole harvest from a farm after the Cyclone devastation. The sale allowed them to rebuild. Hard to know how many will be available from now on...but he's very resourceful ! Fingers crossed !

Thanks so much, Katbran! I do feel very lucky to have these!!:eek:
Thank you, 86C! The longest strand is made up of pearls from 9.3-14.8mm. I randomly arranged the pearls into a 35” strand. The two shorter strands are 19”. (I am wearing one of them extended on a bracelet) The smaller strand is 9.4-11.5mm. I created a slight bubble look with the strand encircling the bracelet. It has some larger pearls interspersed that I think go up to around 13+.
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Here’s an older picture of the two shorter strands together.

Beautiful fijis Jeg, so gorgeous. I agree with you about Cees Katbran, he is resourceful and always finds special pearls for me.
Thank you, Charlotta!

I found this pair of Tahitian earrings at my local Saturday market yesterday. I normally only wear studs, but these work well with clothes that are too busy for anything else and they were inexpensive. I tired different pendants and strands with this top thinking solid colors would stand out, but everything blended in.




A highlight of the local markets for me is the numerous stalls of flower bouquets. They are so cheap, I can rarely resist.
Jeg, your Fiji pearls are so beautiful. I'm planning on getting a longer, more colorful strand when funds allow. But it will be a while as we've had some unexpected expenditures this past month.

Love the new earrings on you & that top is so cute!! Where on earth did you find it? I love the lace & embroidery.
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Went to dinner tonight with hubby & friends for my 64th birthday. I wore my new strand of 12-16mm pastel Tahitians. The necklace is 17" but because of the size of the pearls, it fits more like a 16". I paired it with the diamond & platinum Tahitian earrings my husband gave me in 2002.


  • pastel tahitian strand.jpg
    pastel tahitian strand.jpg
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Oh wow ... those flowers are stunning !! Lucky to have a farmers market - ours is a bit 'up market' and the flower prices aren't that great. ( still cheaper than a florist though )

The two strands look beautiful and I love the colour in those drops !

Corvettegirl - Big pearls do eat up the length..no doubt about it ! But they look wonderful! And a very happy birthday !!
Thank you, Katbran. We had a great time with lots of good food & adult beverages!

Yes, I would like to get a longer pastel strand in the future or more pearls to add to this one to lengthen it. Hubby didn't realize how much length is eaten up by the pearl size when he got this one for me. He just heard me say I wanted a pastel strand of multi Tahitians. I do love it, the luster is really sharp & I do love the size.
jeg, I love, love, love the Fiji strands! As to your lovely top causing pearls to blend in... how’s about some whopper WSSs? Those would stand out! ;)

86C, happy belated birthday! It’s so delightful that your hubby is brave enough to choose pearls for you! My wonderful hubby and I have an agreement—he doesn’t choose jewelry for me, and I don’t buy car parts or guitars for him. LOL! (Insert angel emoji)
JEG: Love your new drops. They're an interesting twist on a hoop with a drop.
Thank you, Parrot Lady, CricketBug, & Charlotta! If I had know I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of my body! LOL
Your birthday pearls are spectacular 86c! Happy Birthday! If hubby picked out those beauties without your help, he did quite nicely. The length looks lovely on you. Great for layering more pearls:)
Thank you, Bcm21mk. My friend, David Norman, was very instrumental in getting this strand. They really are beautiful.