Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

What a luscious golden drop, kmf!

And jeg, fabulous as always! I love the layering with the jade pieces.
jeg- That Kojima rope is a favourite of mine ! It's gorgeous ! And your jade pendants are beautiful! How lovely that they were your mums it's wonderful to have pieces that have family links !
KMF - Lovely dark gold pendant !
Charlotta - Love the White South Sea..such beautiful lustre! And mismatched earrings are always a classic !
Charlotta your SS pearls are perfect. Love them!

Jesscat your ombrés and Tahitians are gorgeous! Happy Anniversary.
Wow, I love this thread. Heck, all of the threads which show pearls!

I need to get better at selfies, and photo taking in general. I've almost given up on taking good photos while wearing pearls, but I have some new ones and just have to post them. So, here they are. I've worn all but the Tahitian tin cup, it just arrived this afternoon, so I haven't had a chance yet.

Here is the Kojima ombre sampler and the Tahitian keshi earrings. I love them so much more than I thought I would. I love the backs they came with (not the ones in the photo), but I was wearing them with the new Natural White Hanadama earrings I just got from PP, I think 8.5-9mm if I remember correctly, they're one size larger than my NW Hanadama strand.

Here are those earrings, along with... The Coral Atoll Tahitian Circled Pearl Strand from Kamoka. Holy mackerel do I love this necklace. My photos don't begin to do it justice. I wore these earrings and necklace today, and had to go into the bathroom a work a few times, just to stare at them. I kept hoping no one would walk in and just see me staring in the mirror, and luckily they didn't. IMG_20190521_202806927.jpg
IMG_20190521_203223921.jpg Here's me wearing it a few days ago, but not such a good photo. IMG_20190516_191132517.jpg
Something went wonky with the order of the photos above. The tin cup and keshi earrings is the one from Kojima, first one I typed about, but middle picture.

Here are a FW metallic pendant and earrings. I normally don't wear matching sets, but I like them, and may wear them together if I also wearing something else to break it up. Either that, or I'll wear them separately. Pink and green tones. Got them from SimplyAdorned. IMG_20190521_203132474.jpg

And Tahitian tin cup, which arrived today, also from SimplyAdorned.IMG_20190521_203108838.jpg
Super excited to see your pearls, BritM! Fantastic choices, every single one of them!:D
KMFDallas, your golden pendant is beautiful!!

Jeg, sensational, as always! I love the look of pearls & jade!!
Thank you Cricketbug, KMFDallas, Bweaves, Jeg, Katbran, Bcm21mk and Britm.
Cricketbug, I do the same with shoes. One of my sisters loves shoes and gives me shoes (often not even worn ones) occasionaly. Sometimes when I look through my shoes I do find pairs I didn't know I had, so now I look through them before shopping, just in case.
KMFDallas, beautiful Jewelmer pendant.
Jeg the green tahitians are gorgeous, as is the Kojima medley strand. Beautiful pairing with your mothers jade.
BritM, the Kamoka strand is just beautiful. The ombre sampler from Kojima is stunning, love it with the blackened silver, gorgeous studs as well. Your tincup is sure to be a favorite when it's hot, beautiful tahitians in it and the little set had some lovely overtones. Great new pearls.
Thank you, thank you, I'm so excited about them. This morning, my 2.5 yr old daughter was sitting on the bathroom counter, pointed at one of the pearls in the tin cup (delivered yesterday, so of course I'm wearing them today), and said "those are colors". Daughter after my own heart!
Cricketbug, I do the same with shoes. One of my sisters loves shoes and gives me shoes (often not even worn ones) occasionaly. Sometimes when I look through my shoes I do find pairs I didn't know I had, so now I look through them before shopping, just in case.
;) That's funny, Charlotta! What fun to have a generous sister with the same size feet. :rolleyes: :cool: My shoe-hound sister's feet are much smaller than mine.
Cricketbug, my sister and I have the same size. I have to more sisters, but their feet are smaller or larger, Also they don't like shoes.
Ugh! It's already 90F. It's going to be 100F next week.

Linen and straw hats. Everything Bagel rope and mixed tin cup from Kojima. Pistachio akoya necklace from PP. Perfect teardrops from Kojima hung off my own huggies.



Down to my hips.


Tahitian keshi tin cup from Kojima and mismatched studs from Kamoka.


Today, La Perlagrina from Kamoka, and opal and Tahitian drop earrings from Kojima.

Hot today; hit 91 today. I decided to wear my Fiji pearls for errands & lunch.


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Beautiful BWeaves and 86CG.I impressed with both of you for wearing pearls in the heat, BWeaves especially in your first photo and 86CG - that is large strand. Worth it to those of us who get to enjoy them by seeing you in them, but then again, of course it is for us.