Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Great eye and choice, Luvglitz! The only "pearl" thing I managed to get at the Virginia Intergem Show was a really lovely, special clasp.
That is absolutely gorgeous, Luvglitz! I love multis and that is a spectacular one. And I'm glad to see someone else wearing a turtleneck!
Today it's cold & cloudy....a dreary day. I'm just hanging out at home, with my hair pulled back & no makeup. I did decide to wear my green Tahitians (which I cannot capture how green they are no matter how hard I try) & the beetle wing Abalone horn earrings I got from Heather Benjamin!! I really love her earrings! I'd like to get the ram head ones, too.


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Thanks, Sunseeker & Jesskat! I really love this strand & one day, I will find the perfect light to capture the beautiful green tones. The HB earrings are so light I forget I have them on!
Thanks, JP!
Did someone buy that GSS & green tourmaline necklace you made? I think you really outdid yourself with that one. The colors blended together so well!
9C24845B-3C43-4BF9-8920-93763139CB32.jpg. Today I’m wearing my special GSS harvest strand with GSS dangle earrings and FW/Tahitian/WSS mix strand from Kojima.
Beautiful, SunSeeker!! Both the strands look great on you!

86C, love your green stay at home look! Tahitians are so camera shy, but I can tell it’s a beautiful strand.

Luvglitz, your new Tahitian strand is wonderful! The mix of colors is so appealing.