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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
Thanks, Katbran. It's an inexpensive tunic from Zulily. It's very comfortable & long; it covers my tummy & my tushie. It graduates to more purple as it gets to the hem & end of the sleeves. It's also the same style tunic in the other pics but with a graduated floral pattern of golds, yellows, & orange.


New member
Lovely pendant 86Corvettegirl, the color is really beautiful in the last photo. Luna also looks great with the abalon horn earrings.


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, Charlotta!

Red, I am really loving your color combinations! The colors and flow of your sweaters and scarves with your pearls is so pleasing.

86C, I like the addition of the Akoya in your first photo. Great combo! And Luna’s coloring really stands out in the second!


Active member
Thanks, Charlotta, Jeg, & JP! I really like the Akoya keshi necklace. It's so comfortable & great for pendants. I was hoping to get one of those really cool GSS pendants PP had for their private launch to wear with this necklace but those went fast.


New Tahitians

New Tahitians

I have been so envious of all the beautiful pearls everyone bought during all the sensational pearl launches and VIP offerings. We were traveling almost all of the holiday season, so all I I could do was watch and mourn what I was missing. However, yesterday the The International Gem and Jewelry show started in my home city. Considering how starved I was for new pearls, I didn't bankrupt us. However, I bought a multi colored Tahitian strand. The pearls are almost uniform in size at about 12mm, an perfectly round with almost no blemishes. The strand is 19".


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New member
Great eye and choice, Luvglitz! The only "pearl" thing I managed to get at the Virginia Intergem Show was a really lovely, special clasp.


New member
That is absolutely gorgeous, Luvglitz! I love multis and that is a spectacular one. And I'm glad to see someone else wearing a turtleneck!


Active member
Today it's cold & cloudy....a dreary day. I'm just hanging out at home, with my hair pulled back & no makeup. I did decide to wear my green Tahitians (which I cannot capture how green they are no matter how hard I try) & the beetle wing Abalone horn earrings I got from Heather Benjamin!! I really love her earrings! I'd like to get the ram head ones, too.


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