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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Thanks for the close up of the clasp and of all the other gorgeous pearls. Wish they still had that clasp-- it's elegant and easy to open and close.
The color of all the T's is just breathtaking. You have some gorgeous pearls, Red!


Active member
Dressing in layers because it was cold today. Everything Bagel rope, new ombre' keshi rope, long tin-cup, pistachio akoya choker, Mom's SS earrings, and Lily Pad ring. I made a lot of clacking noises when I walked around the office.



New Kojima ombre' keshi rope.



New member
BW- I meant to reply to your other pics. You look very elegant in your pearls, the lengths really suit you. That luster luster luster!


Traveling Pearl
Red, the snow makes a great backdrop for those gorgeous strands!

Aerinha, beautiful ombré!

BWeaves, love your colorful layers today!


Traveling Pearl
Gingerbread hula girl watching the sunrise. I would’ve posed with my new friend, but I forgot to pack my coconut bra...:cool:



New member
Wow So many photos I'm going to lose track so I'll start with the last ones !
jeg - That is so adorable !! I love those photos !! And... you forgot your coconut bra.... how could you !!!

BWeaves - I had to laugh at the 'clacking' - I wore a harvest style strand doubled and my earrings were too long and all day they were clacking together and driving me crazy lol You look like a pearl goddess in all those strands ! And your new ombre keshi...just gorgeous. You can't beat the lustre on good keshi pearls !!

Lisa - That rope is so marvellous... I can tell you are loving it !!

Red - that photo just takes my breath away. Those Tahitians are stunning - what a photo !! And thanks for the reminder about the history of that blue strand. It's very very special. And that horseshoe clasp..I'd forgotten about that one.. they should bring it back ! But... But.. it's the ring that gets my heart going... that is the coolest pearl ring ... ever..........ever !!
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