Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Lisa c, that rope is smashing! Really love it on your wrist. Color is great with your skin tone and that shade of blue, too.

Wow, Red, that Rikitea strand is so colorful! Enjoy your Ts in the best of health.
Those Rikitea strands never get old! Never, never, never ! What a treat to see them.

I love the teeny pearls, too, so many great looks and ideas to indulge in!

(Marlene, her age I might obtain, but to be that glamorous! a goal that will remain)

Thanks for the kind remarks, you guys, the thing is, they really are putting me beyond words...although parties do sound pretty good now. I love the North, but the days are so short this time of year,

Arm parties, Lionel Ritchie, Fiesta, Forever,
All night long...
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TNT strand from Ocean's Cove and La Perlagrina from Kamoka. Opal and T drop earrings from Kojima.


Rose gold SoC ring with tricolor gold bracelets. Mom's opal ring on the other hand, to go with the earrings.

Red - both those Tahitian strands are wonderful ! Those big ones pack a punch - that lustre and colour !!( and size !! ) And the Riki are beautiful ! They are the most glorious colours !

LisaC - What a great rope and so many possibilities with that length !!

jeg - I love Hawaii ! You lucky duck !! You chose the most perfect pearls - I truly love both pieces !

annie - that rope of tiny pearls is a wonderful substitute for a chain ! I was just looking at the photos of BN's strand !

BWeaves - ( I love those bracelets!) And of course those earrings are a favourite of mine - rope looks wonderful with just the simple chain pendant !
Lisa, what a gorgeous arm party you're having!!

Annie, I love that little mm pearl necklace! Makes me want one!

Red, that Rikitea strand is amazing!!! I never get tired of seeing it!! Such gorgeous color & luster!

BW, I love TNT & how well she goes with so many of the strands you have. So much depth of color! It truly is a spectacular necklace & is a perfect accompaniment for La Perlagrina & your SOC ring! That ring is a beauty!
BWeaves, lately all the combos you show are so pleasing to the eye and you are really becoming the experienced layerer! ( is that a word?)
These are all so fun! I like the ring, BWeaves. The bracelet, too. And holy moly, that's a long rope!
Thanks, Katbran! Yes, it’s like a second home for me.

Red and BWeaves, I like your color choices today! They both really suit you. I know you like blues, BWeaves, but Red, I think red and navy are your colors. And your pearls work perfectly with your colors.
CBPearllover , The 7-9mm size is perfect for studs I think. I have bigger studs as well, up to 13mm (or maybe 14) and if I wear them for several days (not at night) my earlobes gets tired and sometimes a bit sore. I wore the mismatched studs for 2 days and they are so light that I didn't even notice that they were on.
I love that blue rikitea Red. I think blue is my favorite color (closely followed by every other color....). Will have to try and find one of those, there are some lovely blue pearls in my rikitea multicolor strand (2 I think) and now I want an entire strand...
Bweaves your TNT strand is beautiful.
And I love those tiny pearls and the beautiful rope.
Thank you everyone for the compliments on the tiny pearl necklace. :D

There is something about small pearls that make me so happy!
Thank you CBPearlLover, SunSeeker, BWeaves, baby nurse, lisa c, Katbran, 86Corvette, jeg, and Charlotta.

I love that blue rikitea Red. I think blue is my favorite color (closely followed by every other color....). Will have to try and find one of those, there are some lovely blue pearls in my rikitea multicolor strand (2 I think) and now I want an entire strand...

A little history about the Rikitea blues. Back in 2014 PP purchased 5,600 loose Rikitea pearls. From these, they were able to sort out and create just 8 blue body pearl strands.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to purchase one. Some photos from back then.

Jeremy selecting a blue pearl.


The Rikitea blue strand alongside my Kamoka peacock strand.


Neck shot.


Next to my multi-color Tahitian bracelet, also from PP.

Such a neat insider's story to your pearls! Wish I had known about PP back then bc I love blue pearls! Where did you get that clasp?
Wow Red, the blue rikiteas are breathtakingly beautiful. How fun to have a story around them. Just 6 strands, well I have the 2 really blue pearls in my rikitea strand and I have a pair of 11 mm really blue studs as well. I have to lok at them whenever I crave a blue rikitea strand. I could ask Cees, he finds the most beautiful things.
Red, the blue Rikiteas are beautiful, and what marvels nature brings. I also find the clasp really interesting. Is there any way to see a close up of it please?
Thank you amti, Charlotta, and 2thdktr.

The clasp is a 14kt yellow gold and diamond horseshoe-shaped clasp. It used to be available as a stock item at Pearl Paradise.

These photos were taken when I was purchasing my pistachio Tahitians. You can see the clasp both open and closed.



neck shot

And, a hand shot of my T Lee elevation ring made with a PP connoisseur pistachio Tahitian. Set in 18kt red gold with pink sapphires.