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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Nothing fancy today...I ran my errands wearing my dyed baroque FWP for a change. I bought these loose at a gem show, about 10 years before getting my first Tahitian strand. I liked them because they looked more like Tahitians than the other dyed FWP I saw.

dyed FWP restrung.jpeg


New member
BWeaves, I love the look with the dress!

Pearl Dreams, I love the colors on your pearls. I've had no luck with my purchases of dyed pearls but yours inspire me to try again.

Today I'm wearing a pendant from Kamoka:

IMG_6104 (2).jpg


Active member
I'm not sure about this combination. What do you think? Light blue baroque akoyas from PP and Tahitians from Kojima.


I like both individually. This is the first time I've worn them together. I'm wearing them with ruby heart shaped earrings, to match the T-shirt. It just occurred to me that my Black and White Tahitian studs from Kamoka would be a good match to this pair of necklaces.

So this is a weird optical illusion. I see the center pearl on the BBA necklace looks smaller than the two pearls on either side. But if I move the necklace around, whichever pearl I put in the center looks smaller.


Active member
BWeaves, I love the combination & they look beautiful together!! What mm size are they? As for the center pearl on the blue Akoya, it's probably just the camera angle. I have noticed when I take pics by myself with the camera facing me, I will sometimes get a distortion.


Traveling Pearl
I strung the tiny Akoya keshi and Akoya rounds into long strands to wear either independently or as pearl chains. I took a photo of them with an Edison pendant from PP.



Wearing two Edison strands twisted together in a torsade. They are very pretty on their own, but I tend to wear them together. They are from pkinnew’s collection and originally from PP.


After wearing this dress, I pulled up an old photo I have posted before. It reminds me of fall because my grandfather raised gorgeous chrysanthemums. Every Thanksgiving he would do a cutting and sprawl them on the living room floor to make bouquets for my parents to distribute to friends. This is a flower pin from Kojima, suspended from a cloth belt.



Active member
Jeg, I love the long keshi/Akoya necklace! They're going to be so versatile judging from how great that pendant looks on them! Your Edison torsade looks fantastic on you! Love the pearl chrysanthemum pin!


Jeg, love your ultra long Keshia ropes. Did you knot between all those teeny tiny pearls? I’ll have a helping of pearls, please, from your harvest feast!


Active member
Love your Harvest Feast decorations, Jeg!! I think I'll have a heaping scoop from each one of those trays!!

Today, Hubby & I went to the car show & then to dinner. We had a wonderful time! I doubled my super long white Soufflé & blue Akoya tin cup & paired with matching earrings from Sakura on Etsy.


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