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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Pareltje, what a nice pair of studs!) Kamoka is always something special!))) enjoy them!

BWeaves, lovely ruby hearts, so different!))

I hardly had time even to put the clothes on today, not to mention accessories :eek: So I just quickly popped a pink gold Tahitian ring on a finger and that was it for the day :D :D
TH pink ring.JPG


Active member
That's a very lovely ring, Lugana! Such a pretty color Tahitian ... and pink gold :) Is it your own design?


New member
Well once again I've fallen behind ! So ..

BWeaves - the clasp on those pearls is amazing ... just stunning. Best of luck at ARS !! ( its so exciting that you're going ) And that Mabe on the Akoya strand is just beautful !!

CrazyMissy - Such a lovely pendant !! I know that a thinner chain might look even better but that one is very nice...and of course the very thin chains break so easily. ( I'm fixing a chain now that snapped )

Pareltje - Oh my I love the Kamoka studs !! Such a lovely colour !! Very lively !
Lugana - That ring is beautiful !


New member
CathyKeshi, thank you)) actually no, it's not one of my designs, the setting is from PP and the pearl is from Jac)

BWeaves, Pareltje, 2thdktr, Katbran, thank you!))

We went to the opera on Sunday - what a chance to wear my blue tahitians :) :)

Blue TH opera.JPG


Traveling Pearl
Happy Spring!

We had our share of April Showers, so I am super happy to see the beginning of May Flowers. Pearl accents- metallic freshadama strand from PP and gem grade freshwater strand from TPO.


New member
The other day I was revising my own pearl wardrobe and restyled a few pieces.. now I have a baroque akoya bracelet :)

Akoya bracelet 2.JPG


New member
Hello all, So I waited until i have a few photos and build up a collection before showing....i thought white SSP were the best accesories for LeDiner en Blanc 2018 in Perth ,Western Australia. Also, all SSP are Australian, except for the gold SSP. All are made and knotted in Western Australia by a few small jewellers. hope you all enjoy.

pearl and murdoch.JPGpearl necklace.jpgpearl ring cottesloe.jpgwhite pearl and white outfit.JPGwhite dinner and pearl earrings.JPGCJBL6565.jpgIMG_0334.jpgIMG_0337.jpgIMG_0388.jpg443.jpg571.jpg

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
So many lovely photos! I particularly like the pendant on black cord -- and I recognize those small rice FWP from your previous thread. :)