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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
The Tahitian rope is stunning, and so are the SoC mabes. I can't wait to see neck shots of the Fijis.

I took my Kojima Tahitian tin-cups out for a spin today with my Komoka B/W studs and Mom's cameo girl with a diamond earring.


Yesterday I wore my PP Tahitian strand nested inside my Kamoka Tahitian strand, with my Kojima T and opal drop earrings. The two necklaces don't match at all, but I love them together.



New member
Red, jeg, Pareltje, kalmen22, Luvglitz, battah, Jeremy, and BWeaves, Thank you for the complements on my Tahitian rope.

Luvglitz, I hope you post pictures of your strand!

BWeaves, your pearls are lovely but I especially enjoy your mom's cameo.


New member
Thank you katbran for the compliment about the aqua rope.

I'm still on the fence about my round Tahitian rope, mostly because of the color. :confused: I'm wearing it at home today in a monochromatic look with my heather grey top. I'm loving the round pearls (I only have one other strand of Tahitian rounds) and the change in size from front to back is well done.

The front pearls are a nice 10.5mm...so no complaints there :)

IMG_4599 (2).jpg

We have good light here this afternoon so I've been taking a few pictures. Here they are in the "light box":

IMG_4665 (2).jpg
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BWeaves - Those two Kojima keshi station necklaces look fabulous together.

Annie - That is a gorgeous Tahitian round rope, but I don't think it is at its best against your grey top. I bet it will pop against a white shirt, for example.

These are real Fiji pearls, but I used two bracelets, a pendant, and an extender to assemble a "faux" necklace. Just for fun on a casual Saturday at home.



New member
Wow Red! I love your Fiji necklace! The colors are beautiful. I didn't understand the fuss when I saw them for sale this week...but seeing a real life shot changes my mind.


New member
Thank you, Annie. But, remember, these Fiji pearls were selected one by one for the most vibrant colors. Premade strands are at a disadvantage as they may contain pearls that I would not have chosen for my bracelets.


New member
Red- how creative to put together the bracelets and extender to get that fantastic necklace. Your Fiji pearls really pop and show how gorgeous they really are. I agree with you about the pre-made strands.... I did order one, but I am waiting to see if I will fall in love with it when it comes. Of course, I did fall in love with the Fiji tin cup I just bought. But yours are spectacular.


New member
Tonight I'm wearing my baroque Tahitians from PP and 9mm studs from Jacques. I was feeling green!


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New member
I love your improvised necklace ! What a good idea! I'm a big fan of extenders - you could consider have one made with three small Fiji . Those are wonderful pearls and I totally agree about choosing them individually. Only way to get the size and colour combinations that you want ... when you are spending that much money you need it right. You certainly got it right with those bracelets !! Beautiful !

Lary- lovely circled Tahitians - very colourful. They are great for colour bands aren't they ! And those earrings just glow green !


Traveling Pearl
Red- the colors of your Fiji pearls are real standouts!

Lary007- love the greens!!

annie- you have some beautiful T ropes!

BWeaves- I can’t keep up with you. You are sure adding some wonderful pieces to your pearl collection!


New member
Thank you for the nice comments on my impromptu Fiji necklace.

Today I'm wearing festive holiday colors with my new freshwater white souffles from PP. The earrings are white SS keshi from Eastern Trade Winds in Bali with the design by Catherine at Stephen Vincent Designs in Minneapolis. The bumpy white pearls seem to go well together.



New member
Wow, Red ... all your new pearl photos are wonderful, especially the FIJI :) and those new souffles in the last photo. I wasn't sure I "got" big souffle necklaces till I saw that photo; fabulous on you!

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Too busy (or lazy :cool:) to take a new photo today...but I'm wearing my baroque WSS necklace:


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    WSS necklace.jpg
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Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Thanks! It's funny how the need for larger pearls creeps up on us. ;)

These are 9.1-13.7mm, which is more graduated than most strands, I think. It has the advantage of keeping them from feeling too heavy on my neck. I made an extender with some loose pearls so I can wear it longer, too.