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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Thank you for your kind comments about my layered look. Loving the Sea of Cortez and gorgeous multicolor Tahitians.

Today I wore my new white freshwater souffles from PP without the extender. The stud earrings are metallic white freshies. I was at a professional meeting, and these pearls have such presence.



New member
Thanks so much, Katbran, Pareljte, and Red!

Kalmen, those Ts are gorgeous. I love that strand.

Red those are beautiful! What a great meeting necklace.


New member
Kalmen, I have only a few strands of multicolor Tahitians and I want more! Your strand is pretty.
Red, it looks like you're wearing fluffy white clouds around your neck, it must be delightful!


New member
Hahaha don't we all love a good multi colour strand.

Red those souffles are what I'll call power necklace. Gives that extra oomph.
Still very interested to see one real life especially how light they can be.


Fiji Pearls

Fiji Pearls

PP just had a “flash” sale of Fiji pearl strands. My itchy finger just stretched and clicked. I have wanted to add this type of unusal pearl to my stash of pearls. They are 9 - 13.1 mm in size and described as having strong iridescent colors. There were only a few strands available and it was hard to choose. . Anyone else indulge?


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New member
kalmen22, I love your multi Tahitian strand.

red, beautiful souffles.

Today I wore my 35 inch Tahitian circle pearls with the aqua overtones. They are on my heather grey shirt with my cream sweater.

IMG_4609 (2).jpg


New member
Annie -Love those aquas. Gorgeous rope.

Luvglitz- Nice choice of the Fiji strands. Strong colors and great shapes.

I am enjoying these souffles. They give a totally different vibe than a strand of small round pearls. More of a power vibe. And, with their light weight, they are so easy to wear. Thanks for the nice comments.
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Traveling Pearl
How lucky to be able to borrow the SoC necklace, Battah. So pretty!

Red, you were definitely dressed to impress with your statement pieces!

Kalmen, I agree, you can never have too many T’s.

Really beautiful overtones on your rope, annie!

Luvglitz! Can’t wait to see more photos of that strand!

I am so behind on this thread...


New member
Luvglitz - pretty Fiji pearl necklace, neck shot please.
annie - love your aqua Tahitians.
I put away all my pearls in the vault since soon I'm going to travel again to a warm place. I did leave a few cheapos with me. Here's one of them, a beaded necklace with some white freshwater pearls fringe.
wavy 1.jpg


New member
Ah I saw the Fiji sale too late. Can't wait to see yours!

Those aqua are gorgeous!!! Love it against the grey

A fun layered look.CM171215-132604001.jpg


Active member
Cool beaded necklace. Love the "Girl with a pearl earring" centerpiece and the scalloped necklace, and of course the fringe!

OMG, so many other goodies. I need to see Fijis in person, I think. The photos were just too brown for me. I hope that's just my monitor making them look dull, because everyone raves about them in person. I know I had the same problem with Tahitians until I saw them in person. Photos just don't do them justice.


Annie, your aqua strand really “pops” and show it’s color. I bought an iridescent green strand from the Black Friday sale too, but so far I have taken abysmal neck shots of it. I just can’t get it’s colors to reveal themselves. I have to try another room with different natural light.


New member
Hey Ladies! The SoC strand that is currently on a playdate with Battah is actually the strand I rehomed from pkinnew when she sold her pearl collection. I wanted to acknowledge that since it is always a special moment when we see pkinnew's strand being rehomed by fellow PGers and making appearances on the forum. It is also the sibling strand to Gabby Giffords' strand and debut at the Ruckus a few years back.

Since I've been wearing mostly ropes, the mabe strand has been a bit neglected so I sent them to battah for fostering over the holidays! Including a few more original glamour shots and ruckus photos here.



New member
luvglitz I can't wait to see the Fijis! They seem to be such a mystery, I'm looking forward to seeing some in person at some point.

annie, those aquas are great with that sweater.

Pareltje, fun necklace!

Kalmen, I like that combo, very cute.

Purrrrrrr I feel so special wearing this gorgeous necklace, thank you for letting it visit me :) It's beautiful on its own but the story makes it even better. Also, it was a hit with the little girls at my daughter's first grade party yesterday, they kept telling me it was pretty :)


Natural Pearl