Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Just beautiful, BWeaves! I always gravitate towards Tahitians.

Two Kojima pieces- my silvery blue Tahitian and a pearl medley strand. I normally do not name my pearls, but I thought of you, BWeaves, because it has all sorts of pearls in the strand like your everything bagel, so it’s kind of like a “baby bagel.”

Baby bagel strand

Baby bagel kojima
BWeaves, I'm loving your Tahitians.

jeg, the pearl medley strand looks amazing! I was uncertain about the medley strands when I saw them...but seeing it in a real life picture. WOW!
Thanks BWeaves!
Thank you, annie! I tend to fixate on Tahitians and need to remind myself to reach for other colors more often. A shout out to Sarah, and her team, for creating such interesting and beautiful mixes of pearls and colors with such a sense of fun!
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And my Kojima Tahitian Keshi Tin-cup arrived. Bad bathroom lighting, but I couldn't wait to show you.

I'll have to photograph them in natural light tomorrow. They're so much prettier than these photos show.

Your gorgeous necklace is featured in this blog post.

"A magnificent array of natural-colour keshis and a scintillating 13mm sky-blue Tahitian pendant, on 14k gold chain. The colour of these pearls blew me away. Sarah says, "It takes me quite a time to come up with enough fancy colour Tahitian keshis to put these necklaces together... the colours of these particular ones represent the ends of the rainbow that is 'black' pearls."
Red, thanks for the link. I had not seen that blog.

Sarah does such amazingly creative things with pearls. Now that I have my core of plain strands, I'm really starting to go for the more unusual stuff.
Wow I am a bit behind !!
jeg - that's a beautiful rope from Kojima ! Baby it.
BWeaves - That broach - beautiful ! And I love the look of it on that jacket ! Lovely combo's of pearls as well. That Kojima Keshi necklace is very sweet !

JP - lovely to see some of your mum's jewellery . I wish I had some of my mum's but sadly it was all stolen - except I did get the fun costume stuff that we were allowed to play with when we 'dressed up' as 5 yr olds :) That actually has more memories attached lol
OH, so you're the one who got those. I love mismatched earrings. They're beautiful.
BWeaves, love the Ts! especially the Tahitian and opal earrings, they're gorgeous.

jeg, wow baby bagel is beautiful!

Sanippy those earrings are great! I love that flip flop style or whatever it's called. So pretty.
So, I had to wear my new Tahitian keshi tin-cup from Kojima today. I wore my coffee bean shaped blue drops from Kojima on my diamond hoops.


I'm not sure if you can tell from the photos, but the keshi are ombre from pistachio down by the pendant up through a medium bronzy green at the back of the neck. The top pearl in the pendant is pink.



Whoa! That's the first time my photos have ever loaded sideways. That's weird because they are rightside up in iPhoto.
Lovely necklace and earrings, BW

Sanippy, those earrings are delightfully fun! I love the flip-flop effect.
Sanippy, I love your new earrings!

BWeaves, the new necklace looks great!
Thank you for righting my photos! I'm thrilled with the necklace. It's light and easy to wear, but has good presence.