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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Thank you for the compliments ladies!

Lol Kellupearls I stand in front of my dresser mirror, flip the iphone over so I'm taking picture with the main (MUCH better resolution) camera rather than the secondary selfie camera. Being in front of the mirror allows me to see & aim where I'm taking the picture!

Haha thanks for the tip!

baby nurse

New member
BWeaves, if you hadn't mentioned it, I would have thought those Tahitians were a different strand. Your Kojima Tahitians are so lustrous and colorful, a really beautiful piece!

The Kamoka pendant is gorgeous, love everything about it. Amazing colors, luster, shape and great yellow gold finding, too.


Super Moderator
Unseasonably warm weather in the SF Bay area this week inspired the bohemian hippie chick in me to make this funky wire-wrapped ring...


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Active member
Thanks, BN. One of the reasons I was really drawn to that Kojima Tahitian necklace was that it completely changed color from when I first opened the box to two seconds later when I put the necklace on. Then I tried it on with a couple of different tops, and it changed colors again. I'd ordered and returned a couple of different Tahitian strands previously which didn't change color. Between the color shifting and the sapphire clasp, I was sold.

I'm wearing the Kamoka pendant today on a 18 inch rope chain with a deep scoop necked shell (T-shirt). I like the length, but I ordered a 20 inch rope chain last night, because if I'm wearing the pendant over a shell with a higher neckline, I'd like the pendant to hang lower. (Photos later.)

la_corsetiere: The ring is cool. Is the pearl faceted? I like your bracelet, too.


Active member
I'm not a huge ripple fan, but those are amazing. I would convert to ripples for a strand like that, BN. Are they heavy? Like, really heavy? The surface colors and orient and luster are to die for.

Also, I've decided to name my new Kamoka pendant "La Perlagrina." Is that goofy?

baby nurse

New member
Thanks, ckrickett!

BWeaves, these are hefty so if you're sensitive to weight around your neck, they probably aren't a good choice. You can try them on though at the Ruckus and see :)


Super Moderator
BN, those ripples are so luscious, they make my teeth hurt!

For those curious souls, my ring is made with 20 (I think) gauge silver-plated wire, two funky buttons, and one large-hole-drilled faceted pearl. Took about 2 minutes to make. For those of you who took my wire-wrapped-ring "class" at the last ruckus, you can easily adapt the technique. To very briefly explain, wrap wire around mandrel 3 times (more if you are using thinner wire for smaller holed pearl), then thread up through buttons and pearl, back down, wrap ends around shank to secure. Not the neatest look under the buttons, but for a 2-minute cheapo project, it's fine...


Active member
funky_pearl, did you find your own diamond on Sunset Beach? Many hours spent sitting and searching with the kids, lots of sand buckets of pretty stones :) Your combo of pearls looks so nice today ... the antique ring is really nice.

Sheri ... Thank You for the details! I've been looking at a gorgeous antique pierced shell button all week, wondering about using it in a piece of pearl jewelry ... you've given me some great ideas ... THANKS!