PP Brilliant or Harmony collection pendants?


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Feb 18, 2013
Good evening all,
I was wondering if anyone had pictures of themselves wearing either a Harmony or Brilliant collection pendant from pearl paradise. I’m working with them now to create a big ol’ south sea pendant and those are my two finalists. I haven’t bought pearls since 2015 😮. I’m so excited! Since we all love to look at these beauties, here are my three finalists. I’m going for the white 🤗.
Thank you!

The white south sea one measures 14.9mm, the round golden south sea measures 14.5mm, and the baroque golden south sea is 13.6
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Definitely. I’ll add it to my profile when all is said and done.
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My favorite pearl of those you shared is the golden drop pearl (lower-right), for pendants my favorites are always drops.
But all 3 are beautiful!
Beautiful pearls. That deep golden south sea drop is my favorite as well, but then the white south sea pearl goes with everything and is really gorgeous as well.
I’m going for the white 🤗. edited
Thank you!

The white south sea one measures 14.9mm

I have a white South Sea from PP, approximately this same size. I swear it glows in the dark. :cool: I think you'll be very happy with it!
Thanks for saying so, everyone!