Pearl Guide Ruckus 2010

Douglas and Mikeyy


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Saturday night:


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Different angles of an amazing Sea of Cortez pearl.


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A lucky lady who scored the strand:


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Russ took the plunge after some encouragement from Donna.


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Thank you for the photos Cathy - and Russ, you look great in your pearl!

Now why wasn't I there lusting after those little bags of Sea of Cortez pearls...?
Thanks so much for sharing these great pics Hanaleimom, everyone looks very happy and relaxed :) The Sea of Cortez beauties look amazing as always!
Ooh I just saw the pic of Russ and Donna, what a lovely pearly couple :) I'm glad Russ took the plunge because his pearl looks fabulous! I love Tahitians on men, my dear late husband wore three bronze/green Tahitian keshi on leather :)
Thanks Keshibelle & Nerida! I do love my husband in his new man-pearl.

I do want to send a shoutout to Hisano for putting together my beautiful new strand of Tahitian pearls! She did a fantastic job blending two strands together for me into a glorious 35" strand. It was fun watching her knot the strand. It was amazing!

Here is the strand:


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Took a break from Nautilus last night to shoot the PP gold akoyas (18") with their new clasp and the keshi-nucleated SS enhancer, all done on Sunday at PP by Jeremy/Hisano/Mia during show and tell.

My mother-in-law thinks the enhancer is hers, too. I guess no need to spoil the fun, she will let my wife 'borrow' it from time to time.


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My mother-in-law thinks the enhancer is hers, too. I guess no need to spoil the fun, she will let my wife 'borrow' it from time to time.

She's my kind of lady ;). I appreciated seeing it in person after the clasp was changed and the enhancer was made. But it is nice seeing it again. Thank you for posting a larger photo.
Thanks for the photos!!! I needed some to complete my collection :)
Octavia admiring a tray of AAA drop Tahitians----------

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This is just to supplement what the others have posted.

A Huge Thank You to Jeremy Shepherd and his Talented and charming Pearl Paradise staff, Jewelmer, Caitlin, Mikeyy, Steve, Blaire, author Renee Newman, and Douglas for their unique contributions to this amazing pearly event, Rukus 2010! Plus my sincere apologies if I have forgotten anyone. :eek:

Some of you at the Ruckus probably remember that I had picked 3 pearls from this lot (see Pattye's attachment) for this bracelet "We" changed our minds and returned to PP to look at the lot again. We had it down to a process by separating all the possible pearls into a group and worked from there. Vincent insisted on matching the bracelet himself. He kept pushing my hands out of the way and told me to let him work. I obliged because he seemed passionate about it. The center pearl is a beautiful peacock pearl. Hisano drilled and made a stretch bracelet with the "P" charm. Here are Manut's photos (toned down) and mine. I can't capture its beauty and luster.

It is a very special bracelet because Vincent picked the pearls and matched them himself. He is really proud of it when he gave it to me yesterday.

PS: It took us hours to pick and line up the pearls. We certainly aren't pros.


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I think matching up loose pearls into necklaces, bracelets, earring pairs and so on is probably one of my favourite pearl pleasures. Glad someone else now has the bug!
So now we have to wonder which one of you is the most pearl-obsessed?!!! :D It's incredible.