Pearl Farm in the Sea of Cortez

Okay - where does one fly in from Australia? Into LA then down??
Pinks, pistachios, bronzish beauties - I am completely gobsmacked! Thanks for the visual treat Douglas! I'm sure my accountant and/or my husband are also grateful for adding these to my "wish list"!!



My goodness, Douglas, these are jaw-dropping beauties. I want to see them in person....Amazing. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
What incredible glowing beauty - amazing colors! I'm a little leery of hammerheads, though...I look like a rather succulent sea lion in a wetsuit, or perhaps a manatee...

Nonetheless, I'm extraordinarily tempted by the idea of "farm-direct" prices! Nerida, want to rendezvous with me in L.A. for a buying trip? I figure since I'm a foot taller than you, I could wrestle you for the best ones... ;)
We could start at Jeremy's, perhaps?? Then make our way south?
Hi everyone,

these pearls are truly amazing and soo lovely! I wish I could visit, eat all the mentioned food, shop directly from the farm and have fun with the other PG-members.

On a more serious note: Douglas, are these mollusks killed by the harvesting or is it possible to keep them alive and hopefully well?

Sheri, You made my day with these hilarious comments. I hope Nerida is nearly as tall as you so she can give you a match...
Sadly, no, Jerin! I'm seriously short! I'm just going to muscle my way in under Sheri's elbows!
Don't drool quietly, Pearl_dreams; drool long and loud - you never know, someone may take the hint.....:)
I'm in love with the pearl in post 57 in the upper right hand corner. I think that is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. :p We need to get a caravan going south and pay a visit.

Congratulations of a great harvest -- keep 'em coming!!
I think this could I like the ones in the top left photo over to the left foreground - those pinky and pistachio-y ones captivate me. We could easily share this harvest. Right? ;-)
One vote for the powder pink....

The handful looks like the beginning of an awesome multicolor necklace already :p
I, too, am absolutely lusting after those pearls, Douglas. Such stunning colors. Congratulations on an exciting harvest.
Its been both an exciting Harvest and Year. We've had more visitors than any previous year as well and this has caused increased demand on our pearls. The pearl oysters seem to have anticipated this and are more than happy to produce extremely colorful pearls and even...yes, to my dismay... white pearls (but with very nice orient).
Will post more photos soon...but in the meantime plese visit the "Show us your Pearls" section for photos of this year's new (and only) necklace.

What about keshi in 2008? The bracelet we obtained from Carolyn Ehret last year is among my wife's (and my) favorite things. Please PM if you prefer to focus on rounds here!

What about keshi in 2008? The bracelet we obtained from Carolyn Ehret last year is among my wife's (and my) favorite things. Please PM if you prefer to focus on rounds here!

Keshi are being harvested as well and many display the same intense colors (some even far more intense) as their cultured counterparts (they are both cultured of course, but just trying to make a distinction here). They are usually sorted at the end of harvest so it will still take some time before they are clean and ready for photos. We also have to harvest our Mabe...all photos will be placed here in due time :)
More Pearls!!! Today's harvest presented some larger pearls, many measuring over 10 mm and up to 12 mm. Colors are still quite intense, but as we approach the end of harvest I fear we will not have the as many "Reds": this is a "Purple Haze" year. But the sky was not the limit here because we were also able to secure many "True Blues".

Overall: this has been our best year ever. I miss finding some "hidden treasure" pearls such as last year's "Eye of Sauron"...but the pearls are rounder, larger and colorful. Not a bad year at all...:cool:


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