New PGN Article: Big Pearls in the OC! (Orange County Fashion Week)


Sep 20, 2006
I've been out Pearl-Spotting at Fashion Week OC. Check out the new pictorial article here.

Or click on the blue tab above for Pearl Guide News:

I volunteer ... oh, wait ... I'm in PA ... oh, well LOL ... love your photos and reports!
:eek:I wanted to ask how the calves felt after they'd been docked!
Now I can finally visualize what Wilma Flintstone will look IRL...
The tahitian looks fab tho.

Thanks for sharing!
Oh, not the pearls shown above! No, I meant the other ones in the linked article. (Plus, the necklaces shown recently with two huge balls hangin by their lonesome selves.)
On the other hand...

well, at least a whole necklace of them could be seen as cotton balls... but the doubles? (Shaking head) No way is that anything but troubling.

nuts! I'm feeling really guilty. I hope the wearers of the cotton balls never read this post and take it amiss. Fashion is, after all, often given to Outrageous Statements. For fun!
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:eek:Oh, dear. I'm in the doghouse; you looked up 'docking'?:rolleyes:
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I hadn't ever heard of it until a trip to Wyoming. I met a rancher who said "too bad, you just missed a meal of fresh Rocky Mt oysters".
They'd just finished docking (castrating) the young steers. They knew a city slicker wouldn't know what the hell a working ranch was all about.

True, but I didn't trust anyone to feed me who didn't know that Wyoming has no sea coast. I just politely refused those frozen little balls, and let the big bad cowboys laugh at me, all they wanted. ;-).
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Geez. I wonder if they swallowed them raw (like oysters), or breaded and fried them up, or put them in a casserole, or what.

Anyway, they had a hearty laugh, and I didn't eat Rocky Mountain oysters because I thought they were geographically challenged, so it's all good.
Really, why put your health in the hands of idiots? I hate throwing up.

Did I miss a rare delicacy?
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Not that we aren't all challenged in one way or another.