New beader and pearl obssesionista in town... needing your help :-)

Gorgeous necklaces, sometimes designs just happens. I often have an idea in my head and then I do something completely different. It's like the pieces designs them self, just like you said. I have a strand of neon blue apatites and one with ombre pink sapphires that I still haven't done anything else with than put them on wire and adding a clasp. I think they still are like that because of the tiny drillholes, I don't like to work with wire, prefers beaders secret.
These are beautiful Eolian. I like the lengths and how the pearls compliment each other. They really are eye catching.
Oh, Eolian, these are so pretty! Tanzanite is one of my favourite stones. Love the pairing of the green and metallics. . Definitely a good day for necklaces, if not for bracelets :)
eolian you have such a lovely collection of pearls! I love everything, especially your blue akoyas... and those Tahitian bracelets are just perfect, the perfect balance of color, shape and clasp :)
Thank you ladies! I have been wearing the tanzanite necklace non-stop for the last few days, it is summery and extremely casual on my island so these are the kind of necklaces ( along with the leather+ pearl combination) that I wear the most this time of year.

Charlotta, I know what you mean with the tiny holes on the rondelles...Unfortunately in most cases you can’t use the Beader’s secret with these, I use Beadalon and well... I love to combine gemstone rondellesand pearls... here are some pics of my favorite pieces... C0EA7969-C0E6-4BBE-9AA4-77A508D6BFDC.jpgBFC7E27A-B7E0-4C7F-86DD-F0EFD7FF2ED4.jpg

Neon apatites are so pretty, I have one necklace with a central silver Tahitian in my other home, apatite also goes really well with white colored pearls...probably with goldens as well...for you to find out:)
Oh my gosh! I don’t check this area out often enough! What fun pieces eolian!! Enjoy wearing everything.:D
Someday I will find a use for those apatites and sapphires eolian pearls.
This thread makes me realize how much I need little gemstones! Such wonderful creations!
Thank you ladies, these are really fun everyday pieces.
Amti, you will love to play with little gemstones and pearls! So many combinations to try....
My last one for a whíle, a de-stash one with labradorite, garnet and amethyst stones, I am officially out of pearls and gemstones and the post takes at least two months to get here...Luckily there is PG and all your beautiful pearls to keep me happy :)

Eolian what a great collection have you made already! A true inspiration to use gemstone and pearls together��
Thank you Rianne, there are so many combinations to try...

An update on my circled “pastels”from Wen - a new half-strand has arrived and I immediately ordered another one :) aiming to make a kind of ombre rope that I can double...have added few leftover pearls from other projects and I am really happy how colorful this necklace is turning out... It is just a temp strand so no real knotting was done, just playing around with the positioning of the pearls... DEA9B3F2-DE50-44D4-98FD-56126FDE3E90.jpgCDB506DB-A807-4C0E-BEF8-3D46AE7F113B.jpg
The colour combination is terrific, you have done a marvelous job putting them together.
Love the combination of gemstone and pearls.

I found it interesting that you string your micro gemstone necklaces with wire.
All my micro gemstone necklaces have been strung and usually knotted also with beaders secret thread.
I just finished a 2 to 2.5mm micro garnet necklace with beaders secret thread.
Eolian, that rope of Tahitian circles looks wonderful! You’ve done a beautiful job arranging them.
What a wonderful strand you’ve assembled, eolian!