Knots between pearls

Oh urgh yes. Sand. (and yes, spectrum)
Pearls don't mind getting wet (water is their natural environment), it is the silk which doesn't like it and will rot fairly easily. The problem is the silk inside the pearl which takes a long time to dry. If you had a silk blouse would you leave it repeatedly damp and expect it to be fine? But you can wear pearls strung on a synthetic thread to swim or shower.
The last time we went as a family, my daughter got stung by jellyfish!

I don't go to the beach to swim any more but when she goes (on her own), she takes along a spray bottle of vinegar to neutralize the stingers, in case she gets stung again! (How is that fun??)
Oh gosh!! None of that sounds fun. And I live in Australia, it feels like practically everyone likes to go to the beach. I just don't see the appeal