New beader and pearl obssesionista in town... needing your help :-)

Those dark earrings are very pretty. And I love your tahitian love strand.
Thank you Charlotta! I really really love my Love Strand as well :) I dont usually name my pieces but this one just came naturally...
I usually don't name my pearls either, except for the tassels and Bweaves helped me with that. My really really (sic) long new rope of tahitians I call 5 bracelets and more. I did cut up 5 bracelets to make the first version. Now it's 56,5 inches and heavy. I recently added more pearls and since the pearls are between 8,2-14,5mm, and not many that are between 8-9 mm, it's not dainty...I can wear it doubled and it's still looks like a strand and a rope. I once had (might still be here somewhere) a 60 inches long freshwater rope. I use to love wearing it doubled like two ropes. Today I find (or last time I did see it) that the luster of those pearls aren't all that great. I wanted round pearls, had to sacrifice something...I would not have bought them today. Probably overprocessed as well. I have had them for about 10 years. I wonder were I put those...anyway, I wanted something equally long, almost at least. I might still add a few inches...
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Oh, Charlotta you have fantastic ropes, 56,5 inches is almost one meter and half!!! All this lenght of luscious tahitians...juts to think about it... so many ways you can wear this size...

About your older freshwater rope, I totally understand what you mean about the luster of pearls you bought long ago.. The first pearl necklace that caught my eye I selected as my 25th birthday gift in a local “good reputation” jewelry shop and it was certified “ 4mm south sea pearls with central peacock tahitian pendant...” When I got really interested in pearls 5 years ago, found this forum and took the CPAA course I understood quite quickly that the “south seas” were actually FWP and the luster was not that great either, the luster on the tahitian pendant was fantastic, too bad the pearl had a distinct rice shape of...freshwater pearl again...and of course a dyed one...I deconstructed the necklace, gifted the pendant to a friend’s small daughter to play with and she loves it :) made some low key bracelets from the best white pearls and I still have some of them in my stash as a reminder of the starting point of my love affair with pearls...:)
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Thank you eolian pearls, you are right, so many possiblities with that rope. I am going to try to find that freshwater rope later, I haven't looked at it for years. Those good jewelry stores really do skimp on the truth sometimes. Here they sometimes refer to pearls without telling if it's freshwaters or akoyas. The prices are high and the quality low. I wonder if they do that with everything they sell. Are the diamonds lab created or maybe white topaz?