New beader and pearl obssesionista in town... needing your help :-)

Thank you for the rope love ladies!!!

It truly is a very special necklace for me and has been a wonderful pasttime to arrange and rearrange the pearls in it...still waiting for the last half-strand but in the meantime some neckshots for you ( I used an extender to make it the length I aim for)... This is my homage to Baby Nurse’s holy grail of ombre necklaces so I am wearing my beige pull to have it just right:)

It is stunning. I like that it’s circled, too - while it’s similar to Baby Nurse’s, it has its own personality.
Beautiful! Let's see if we can get you right side up :)

Thank you ladies!!! The rope is indeed very wearable, I am so so happy with it!

SydK I love that the pearls are circled too, this is a quirky cousin to Baby Nurse’s ombre perfection...:)
Wow! Eolian, you overdone yourself! I love really love the last necklace you shown!!!
What a great strand, eolian. Any way you look at it! :D You might try cropping your pics ever so slightly horizontally and vertically before posting. It usually keeps it from flipping for some reason.
Thank you ladies!38603156-2E41-480C-9CB6-36E2232D96E1.jpg

Here is the final version of my rope, I added some light goldens and blue green pearls that I felt were missing and now I am absolutely happy! I love the way the necklace nests as well...My last project for a while...

Have cropped the new pictures so hopefully they will post the right side up...



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You could make a matching bracelet, like I did with my baroque an sometimes circled tahitian and south sea ombre rope. I post a photo of it in my tread since that’s what I am wearing today.