natural pearls pacific : FANTASTIC !

14686316_1255669704493921_512500682_n.jpg DSC04271.JPGfleur de perle.jpg
Oh, look at that gorgeous blue water and your Brown Boody friend! Pearls are lovely too :)
Next expedition of natural pearl, January 2017 this year will be very good, and there will be still beautiful natural pearls !
I will try to send as many photos from the atolls!! :rolleyes:
Happy New Year has all the friends.

Cordially Croissy Pearls.

Very rare Pinctada margaritifera !!!

20160830_122158.jpg 20160830_122151.jpg
I do love diamonds for there enduring timeless quality but there is a allure about a gem made in the sea that is unique & one of a kind.
Memorizing all the colors & orient!