natural pearls pacific : FANTASTIC !


Croissy Pearls
Apr 27, 2012
Is it possible to find natural pearls of this quality in the world? :)

(pinctada maculata "Pipi Pearl")

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Are these pipi pearls?

I'm still missing those for my collection
Just when I think I have enough pearls, I see some more I love. These pipi pearls really grow on one when you see all the colors!
What is the orgin of the term PIPI


In addition to Laurent's answer consider the following:

...The so called "Pipi pearla" have to be mentioned here. They come from P. maculata (Gould, 1850), which occurs throughout the Pacific Ocean. The tiny golden pearls, rarely larger than 5mm, called "poe pipi" in Maori language, are mainly found in the Cook Islands.

from The Pearl Oyster edited by Paul Southgate, John Lucas

poe mean pearl
pipi is used for bivalves.
The Pearl Oyster edited by Paul Southgate said:
They come from P. maculata (Gould, 1850), which occurs throughout the Pacific Ocean.

As rich a resource as this book is, the information given on the distribution of P. maculata is erroneous. In fact, distribution is limited to the western Pacific region, mainly in French Polynesia and the Cook Islands, which makes up less than 10% of the coastal regions of the Pacific Ocean.

I couldn't help but notice one of the stations marked on the chart is located at Rusty and Bronwyn's farm in northern Australia. I'm not sure of the biomass, whether plentiful, rare nor it's viablity for pearl culture. Likewise cannot find a single source to suggest P. maculata occurs anywhere along the North, Central or South American shores.