My Pearls 2.0

Thank you @CortezPearls. I also made a new bracelet. I call this one L'heure bleue, since it's all blue tahitians and I do need to practice mh french since I bought an amigurumi crochet book in french...

It might need some tweaking yet, but for now I am wearing it with with these two

Love these two. After seeing @jeg new Alexander Collins harvest strand I am wondering if I could put something like that together. It woun't be a true harvest strand of course unless one counts my leftover pile as harvest...we will see. My crocheting are going splendid. Soon I can hopefully make some patterns all by myself. The tiger and the goat are my latest creations (I did not make that pattern)

I keep them safely with Not-husbands history books so that Kycklingen (the chicken, that's one of my cats) cannot steal them. I am planning to make a whole bunch of fun amigurumi so that our grandchildren can play with them when visiting. I have already made them special ones that are just their own. maybe some keshis in my fake harvest strand or bracelet.
Some more of Summer Sun

And don't Dark Delight look pretty with mh green tahitian studs?

Not that I am wearing those today (every day last week though). Today I am really colorful with my Hearts Delight bracelets, Color Delight and Green Fairy


Green Fairy

And Color Delight
L'heure bleue did have an unfortunate incident with the sad...well I wanted to make a (fake) tahitian harvest strand. I had pearls of different sizes and shapes, keshis and what not. Did I make a harvest I ended up making a Dark Delight strand instead (without keshis). Hard to resist making an ombre. I like it. Probably a keeper. I changed out some pearls of Dark Delight, the bracelet as well.

With the bracelet

Just the bracelet. It's almost like before. I just exchanged a few pearls
Maybe I haven't looked at the right place but I hardly ever see any bracelets, with just pearls, that have unusual designs. Mostly they are one color and pearl or a mixed color one. There are lots of fun necklaces. I wonder why that is. Bracelets is easy to admire without a mirror and as I learnt, doesn't gets banged up as much if I wear it on my left arm. Some of my favorite bracelets. Mostly Delight bracelets (ombre) or Impressionistic bracelets (mostly not ombre...)
Pretty!!!! What kind of clasps do you use for your bracelets? That's what always gives me pause. I can never fiddle the clasp with one hand, and if I can't easily get the bracelet on and off, I don't wear it.
Thank you @BWeaves. I use the same clasp as on my strands. I have learnt to use them easily. I lay the bracelet over my wrist and attatch the open end to the connector and them I can close it.
It's been really hot lately so mostly stretch bracelets and tincups for me. I have been wearing my two favorite jadeit and pearls bracelets a lot but also my three favorite Happy bracelets I made last summer. I just rinse them of at night.
Calm before the Colors

Green Tea

Happy bracelet no 1

Happy bracelet no 2

And finally Happy bracelet no 4

Very Happy looking
Thank you @SurfnSci. The green tahitian in Green Tea is amazingly green enhanced by all those green jadeit beads I think. I have two other jadeit bracelets. As well, but these two are my favorite. I did make 10 Happy bracelets last year, but mostly only ever wear these three. I am thinking about making a Happy 2022 bracelet, but didn't bring the reamer with me to the summercabin nor the leftover carved beads I usually use. Maybe next weekend.
Very nice pieces Charlotta! :love:
They are vibrant and intense! Love the combination of jadeite and pearls.
Love blueberries and Alexander Collins pearls. Looks lovely!
Beautiful beautiful beautiful Charlotta!!!! I LOVE all your creations they feel like the pearls are living their best lives in your necklaces❤️
Thank you @CortezPearls, @SurfnSci and @eolian pearls. One might hope that @eolian pearls. Years ago I bought a silver tahitian strand from Cees that I eventually remade, those pearls were and some are still in lots of other creations. But last weekend I remade those I currently had loose into a silver bracelet. I like it a lot. I only have one photo, the other got blurry

They are very pretty on their own