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My Pearls 2.0

My favorite new bracelet however is this new Lilac Blossoms bracelet. I did recieve a gorgeous lavender edison in my latest order, as well as some other south seas and edisons. I also did recieve a white south pearl with a lilac color in one end as long as a white south sea pearl with a blue part. I knew that those pearls were meny to end up together, next to each other along with another lavender edison and some white and bluish white south sea pearls as well.
_20220226_181549.jpg _20220226_181446.jpg _20220226_181417.jpg I did have a number of these smoothish longish white south sea pearls that didn't quite make it into the Hearts Delight or other pieces with more circled pearls. Perfect for a bracelet like this though. I do love pearls with a surprise color on them. I must confess I rarely look for specific pearls to add to my creations, well I try occationally and fail. Nowadays I buy the pearls that makes me smile, due to shape or color or whatever. I always ens up using the pearls for other creations anyway. This lavender bracelet does look great with other pieces like Hearts Delight
_20220226_184922.jpg I did take some photos of Lilac Blossoms with Sunrise and Sunset with a green flash and with Sorbet. Such pretty colors to Not look at whilst driving...It did focus wrong, the camera that is.
_20220226_181709.jpg I first made a layout for a Warm Delight strand, with edisons and south seas and with that lavender pearl but didn't like the layout. Then I took that pearl away and some others for Sorbet so Warm Delight is on ice as is the Dark Delight strand. That one turned into a bracelet as well....


PG Forum Admin
Very nice addition to your Creative Portfolio Charlotta2.0
I find great delight in your Lilac Blossom :07:
Wish all a great weekend!
Thank you CortezPearls. I haven't been present much the last weeks. What with all the horrible news I didn't really wanted to create anything pearl related. I have been crocheting some, learning new methods. I made an elephant with a striped pyjamas, not my design, it's from a book. I think that I have some photos of at least one bracelet that I haven't shown you before. The Sorbet Delight bracelet. I did make a Dark Delight bracelet and was planning on making a Golden Delight one as well but ended up using the south sea pearls for another bracelet, Dragons Gold. Maybe I didn't show you that on either... Well anyway. Sorbet Delight, the lighting is a bit warm.
_20220323_184739.jpg _20220323_184850.jpg _20220323_184816.jpg With Dark Delight bracelet
_20220323_184704.jpg _20220323_184628.jpg And this is Dragons Gold bracelet. Those photos are a bit dark...
_20220226_183317.jpg _20220226_184254.jpg With Fairys Treasure bracelet, they both have tahitian keshis and are the only two creations in my mythological collection, as of yet.
_20220226_183700.jpg I did try to combine some lovely pale circled golden south sea pearls with something else. First it was going to be an edison but I ended up using a circled green tahitian instead. I think that I have to work on that design some.
_20220323_082403.jpg _20220323_082526.jpg It is pretty combined with other bracelets as here with Sunrise and Sunset with a green flash and Sorbet Delight
_20220323_185200.jpg And lately I have been able to not wear Hearts Delight endless rope, I keep adding it every day. Sort of like a talisman. I keep making plans for wearing other strands and then adds Hearts Delight before I leave the house. All those colors gives me comfort I guess. I do wish that humanity could be this beautifully combined as well, regardless of where we are from, what we look like and what culture, religion or sexual orientation we might belong to. I truly wish that could be possible. So I keep adding that strand every single day. Yesterday I also added my white south sea strand.
_20220323_081105.jpg _20220323_081023.jpg The still pearl less elephant. When I make other outfits it will get one...
Unless I give it away, then maybe no pearls.


PG Forum Admin
I know Charlotta2.0 these news we are getting these days...one good reason I stay away from the news most of the time or stick to the local news (very important to know if there is a big pothole, if we will have water, etc...the real stuff. The news just get you down and suck the creativity and energy you have. Best to keep close to pearls! They are a perfect antidote!
Lovely new bracelets! I love the golden colored tone of the photos..may be unintentional, but I found it warming my Soul :)


Traveling Pearl
Charlotta, I am glad you are finding ways to keep your mind occupied. I have to say, that elephant is ADORABLE!!!! :eek: I absolutely love it!


So gorgeous, Charlotta! And Sorbet Delight is just fantastic. I really love the way the colors work together.
Thank you CortezPearls, jeg and @SurfnSci.
I have accually made another Delight bracelet, but haven't gotten any photos of it yet. It's a south sea ombre bracelet with golden green in one end through deep golden and then bluish white south sea pearls att the other end. I tried making one before, that I didn't like, but the new one is really pretty. Lately I have been trying to make bracelet with just a bit of the colors in Hearts Delight and not always in the same other. So far I have Dark Delight, Sorbet Delight and now Golden Delight. I could include Lilac Blossoms as well if I wanted.
CortezPearls the golden tones of the photos is just because it was sunny that day....not in the outdoors room. When it's sunny the photos are more warmtoned and when it's rakning more cooltoned. One might could correct this...but I don't know how to...but the light is natural at least and photos never photoshopped...


PG Forum Admin
Ye4s, you mentioned that the warm golden colors were due to sunlight exposure...and I liked it! I think it gave the photos a warm quality :)

Can't wait to see your new Delight Ombre bracelet :D
Oh I know exactly how you feel Charlotta! I am glad you have Heart’s Delight to give you some comfort, I use the pearls as a distraction these days and their beauty is of course always a reminder of all the wonders of our magnificent planet.
Thank you CortezPearls and eolian pearls. Finally I do have some photos of my new ombre Golden Delight bracelet.
_20220411_202644.jpg It's mostly green at one end, darkens to the middle and at the other end a more bluish white, even do I was out of really blue south sea pearls.
_20220411_202451.jpg _20220411_202610.jpg _20220411_202423.jpg As I might have mentioned before this is my second version of Golden Delight bracelet. I didn't like the first one but I really don't remember why. This one is great with a number of my other bracelets. With other south sea bracelet, the pale circled one is also newish (it had a circled green tahitian as centerpiece, but I removed that)
_20220411_202143.jpg _20220411_200210.jpg And with other Delight bracelets
_20220411_201748.jpg Golden Delight, Dark Delight, Sorbet Delight and well I am renaming the last one to Lilac Blossoms Delight.
_20220411_200832.jpg _20220411_201004.jpg Most beloved Hearts Delight has lots of spinoffs.
As for the bracelets I think that I have about 6 of them. First the two Hearts Delight bracelets.
_20220411_201251.jpg _20220411_201158.jpg I have restrung them once but otherwise not moved a pearl since making them.
_20220411_201632.jpg Dark Delight and Lilac Blossoms Delight
_20220411_201600.jpg Golden Delight and Sorbet Delight
My Delight bracelet are mostly made using a section of thh colors used in Hearts Delight but not always in the same order.
And then there are the necklace spinoffs of Hearts Delight
Click image for larger version  Name:	_20220213_174238.jpg Views:	0 Size:	133.6 KB ID:	460956 Click image for larger version  Name:	_20220129_142539.jpg Views:	0 Size:	182.2 KB ID:	460957 Click image for larger version  Name:	_20220213_174016.jpg Views:	0 Size:	162.5 KB ID:	460958 Rainbow Delight
Click image for larger version  Name:	_20220213_174238.jpg Views:	0 Size:	133.6 KB ID:	460956 Click image for larger version  Name:	_20220123_135750.jpg Views:	0 Size:	403.3 KB ID:	460960 Click image for larger version  Name:	_20220213_174238.jpg Views:	0 Size:	133.6 KB ID:	460956
Color Delight
Click image for larger version  Name:	_20220213_174238.jpg Views:	0 Size:	133.6 KB ID:	460956 Click image for larger version  Name:	_20220213_174238.jpg Views:	0 Size:	133.6 KB ID:	460956 And Green Fairy (that wants your soul), there isn't a Delight in the name but the Fairy most surtainly delights in the soul stealing....


PG Forum Admin
I love your creative spirit :yup:
It's boundless, you give yourself total freedom and you end up with these beautiful creations.
And the names you give to your babies...love them too!
And the Soul stealing "Green Fairy" is quite deserving of the name...I would use "Goblin" if it had a bad intention, but "Faeries" are known to enchant and lure the unwary, so it is indeed a much better name.
Love your new creations!
Thank you CortezPearls. I love them to. Today I made a bracelet with silvery blue akoyas and peacock green tahitians. I think I like it. There is some pink in the akoyas as well as the tahitians. I call it Frozen Firn. No photos of it yet.
It is a malevolent little Fairy indeed. It's the one that use to live in absinth, via the wormwood. But since there is no absinth, at least of the soul stealing variety, she moved on and now lives in this really metallic green edison pearl instead. One can tell because it's bullet shaped....
Last edited:


PG Forum Admin
Oh yes! The Absinth or "Green Faery" heard some truly malevolent stories of it years ago, from my Opa, who advised me to stay away from it. Today's commercial grade Absinth is not as evil I have been told :wink1:

Now, if I had a chance...would I want to stay inside wood or inside that beautiful bullet shaped Edison? :33:
There is no competition at all: the Bullet Edison WINS! :notworthy:

Guess there would be a big fight or the Faery would just take my Soul, so either way I would end up living in captivity inside the pearl!
Exactly CortezPearls. The pearl wins. I do have wormwood in my herbal garden though, I don't use it. It's just pretty and belongs in a herbal garden. And lots of new plants every year....


Oooh, Charlotta, the golden ombre delight - bestill my heart!!! Sooo gorgeous! I love all of your other "spinoffs," as well.