My Pearls 2.0

Me too. I love the creativity you pour into your creations and that you are never afraid to try new combinations. I was a "pearl purist" that would mostly enjoy pearls alone, mixed in just with very few other gemstones (diamonds, emeralds, mainly) but the beadwork you have introduced and the color combinations bring much enjoyment! Blessings!
I agree with Douglas, as I am a former "pearl purist," as well - and now you've inspired me to try some mixing of my own!!! Wish I had your creativity and eye for colors, though :)
Thank you @CortezPearls and @SurfnSci. You are making me blush. I always does that with everything really, dive in head first in pretty much everything. Yesterday for example I started making an amigurumi fox that will have a removable ballet dress and shoes, in my own design. I make the pattern myself. It's not really an orange fox, more salmon color really. I have some pearl projects lined up as well. And I might get to be a grandmother on my birthday this friday. Well see, babies mostly don't arrive on due date. I finished hos baby blanket yesterday. It's ombre....

The colors are a bit cold since it was late. Since it's been pretty hot here, not Florida hot exactly, I have mostly been wearing my tincups, the ombre ones that is, Color Delight and Green Fairy

I love those two. I am planning to do a tahitian tincup, a longer one. I have some pretty green pearls, maybe with some white south sea pearls. We will see. I am on vacation but I have so much to do, haha. I also started to transcribe my own amigurumi pattern notes. I am the only one that can accually maybe read my own notes. They aren't in code or anything. My writing is just horrible. Changes were on separate pappers. I bought a sturdy notebook to write them down in. Just done the base doll pattern, hair, clothes, alterenate heads etc remains a mess. Hopefully I can show you a new tincup soon.
Did I make that tahitian layed out the pearls on the beading board, rearranged them a lot...still didn't like them...I did however wanted to remake my Wave Delight, I didn't like the cooler tones of the tahitians against those vintage golden akoyas. The colors clashed a bit. I did love the more warmtoned parts however. I have been trying to get some decent photos for days. First the light was to bright, then to weak and the phone kept focusing on anything but the pearls. Yesterday the mostly turned out all right. I now call this one Heatwave

Edisons and some freshwater ripples at the front of the strand and south seas at the end. I also made my own amigurumi mermaid, I made the pattern as well (for me, I don't sell the patterns)

I have added wire to it so that I can move the tail and arms etc. I don't add wire for the dolls that I make for the childen. Now I am making a ballerina fox, not your traditional orangey fox, I make it in a pretty salmon pink color. Come to think of it foxes are rarely ballerinas either. And then I have plans for a mercat...
No grandson yet, not to punctual (just like my son). Hopefully soon.
Gorgeous pearl creations, as always, Charlotta! And your mermaid is fantastic!

So exciting to hear you are going to be welcoming a new grandson soon!!! :giggle:
Thank you @SurfnSci. Hopefully the little one arrives soon.
I also remade my Night strand and my Sunset strand into one strand, this was my original plan last year. First I tried to make it endless but it got to long, now it's about 21 inches long with an orbit clasp (for no particular reason, I just wanted another clasp on this one). I rearranged the pearls a lot, added some, removed many but I think that I have kept both the Sunset a,, d the Night sprit of the strands. I really like this one.
You’ve been busy, Charlotta! Do you wear these two strands together? How sweet, your original mermaid. What character did you make for your soon to be grandson?
Thank you @jeg. Sometimes I do wear those two strands together, but recently it's been really hot and sticky so not as often. I made a baby dragon for my grandson, hopefully he arrives soon.
I finally made some new stretch bracelets. I had to ream out some pearls...I don't know why I procratinated doing so. It only took a few minutes...
Anyway I made two chunky bracelets with mostly rather big pearls. I call the Dawn and Dusk.

I made Dawn with south seas, edisons and freshwater ripples and used a carved jadeit pig for the knot. Then Dusk, all tahitian and one carved red jasper skull
I feel as if somehow the new system does not "alert" me to new posts.
Happy to see you back, Charlotta! Calico Cat is the perfect description for your new pearls. I have been wondering if you are still having fun with your deconstructing and reimagining. Always fun to see what you are up to!
Thank you jeg. Yes I am still rearranging my pearls. But I also design my amigurumis and I am crocheting some clothes. Not knitting, don't like to knit. so I did design a frog har for my grandson and now I am making myself a sweater
Charlotta, I missed seeing all of your beautiful creations - hooray for a new one! I love Calico Cat!!!
Thank you @SurfnSci .I did make some bracelets as well. The photos are a bit dark because you know... december. This is Changeling

And this is Midnight Flower

I made them stretch bracelets so they are easy to add and remove

I am going to have to retake these when there is a bit more light, not as weak light at least.