My Pearls 2.0


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Oct 20, 2021
An new version of my tread. I think that I will start with my painterly creations, inspired by impressionistic paintings, especially Berthe Morisot. I remember when I first encountered a photo of a painting by Berthe Morisot in an art book. It's still my favorite painting.
Not-husband does not like impressionistic art, prefering more realistic art. Maybe I should buy a replica....
The first of my painterly strands is my Sunset strand. Possible even my favorite. I had so much fun making this one. It's mostly made with pearls from Druzydesign, with a few from Pearlescence, cmw pearls and Kongspearl.
made with pearls from Druzydesign, with a few from Pearlescence, cmw pearls and Kongspearl.

made with pearls from Druzydesign, with a few from Pearlescence, cmw pearls and Kongspearl.
made with pearls from Druzydesign, with a few from Pearlescence, cmw pearls and Kongspearl.

All my painterly strands are multifunctional, the strands are 17,5 inches long with an 4,5 inches long extender. The strand can be used as a double wrapped bracelet, a normal strand with the extender or linked together to make a rope. The extenders can be linked together, two of them makes a bracelet. They do use up lots of clasps.
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Thank you SurfnSci. I do have some new creations that I will show soon. I finally had time and light to take new photos.
My second painterly strand is my Night strand, made the same day as my Sunset strand. They are made to go together. The Night represents all the fading colors during a swedish summer night. The so vivid colors we see during the day and during the sunset gets washed out during the night. It's still quite light though.The pearls are mostly from Druzydesign and Pearlescence, with a few from cmw pearls and Kongspearl
My second painterly strand is my Night strand
My second painterly strand is my Night strand
My second painterly strand is my Night strand
Not all of my painterly strands are made to be worn together, like the Sunset and Night strands. Sometimes I make just one, depending on what it is that I want to create. Sunset and Night combinations
Then I made the Spring Green strand. I love that strand. So very green. The pearls are mostly from Pearlescence and cmw pearls.
Me too! :D
I especially love the way those large, organic and colorful baroques offer a drastic contrast to the rest of the pearls. Gorgeous!
Thank you CortezPearls. You are right, the bigger pearls are great for adding some variety to the strands. Graduated strands or strands with pearls the same size are beautiful of course but there you see the beauty in all of the pearls, and sometimes you want that. Mixed sizes gives the eyes something to hold on to, the individual pearl is more important, not that it has to be perfect. But it sure is interesting exploring the pearls and their individual beauty. It's a bit like if you make a photo wall. If you want to see the photos you use the same color on the different frames (don't have to be the same design or anything). If you choose different colors on the frames you see the frames. Depending on what you want to accieve.
Exactly, both styles are beautiful...but I love to see those "special" pearls (they al are!) just "popping" and catching one's eye :)
Stunning creations Charlotta!!! Love them all, but of course the Sunset strand is the one that has my heart:heart::heart::heart: I was actually thinking about it the last time we had a spectacular sunset here:)
Thank you eolian pearls. I love that strand as well. I am really happy that I changed the layout for that one, I first tried to mix tahitians with the edisons and the golden south seas.
After Spring Green I made Spring Flowers, in bracelet form. The reason that I didn't make a strand is that bracelets are more forgiving, there are a lot of size differences (more than usual).
They are very pretty as bracelets, so much that I made a second one and later one with some white south sea pearls, for snowdrops. The colors in the bracelets represents tulips, daffodils, crocus, scillas and snowdrops (in one of them), but also spring green leaves and dark green evergreens (because they are everywhere in sweden)
Oh my Sweet Lord! Those big metallic baroques...I can gaze into their texture and reach the "Pearly gates".
Thank you CortezPearls. Do not enter those pearly gates just yet. We still need you here with us...Also you haven't yet seen my latest creations that I will show you as soon as I am done with the painterly strands in somewhat cronological order. Today the Sunrise and Nightsky rope. That was a rope.
Then I wanted it in two parts and remade them some. I exchanged the sun, aka big light golden south sea pearl. Sunrise
I am mostly pleased with Nightsky, I like the moon and the stars and most of the ombre tahitians. The big tahitians does make it of balance, move them, remove them or maybe add more. Well see.
The Sunrise however is off somehow. I think that I have to rearrange that somehow. Some blue tahitians perhaps in the ends for sky or something. I do like the Sunrise extender, waves of sunrises perhaps. Is that even a thing.
Anyway, they are both under reconstruction, soon anyway.
I feel particularly drawn to the "Sunrise" extender...I actually started listening (in my head) to a rendition (not a parody) of The Eagles' "Tequila Sunrise"...altered to "Perlita Sunrise". I'm loving the new version which is alcohol-free :)
So many beautiful colors and combinations, Charlotta :love: :wow: You are truly a pearl artist!
Thank you CortezPearls and SurfnSci. I have so much fun with my painterly strands that I haven't even considered making something else, well I did try to make a double wrap Happy bracelet wore it for a few days and am going to remake it. It was pretty, but needs some tweaking.
After the Sunrise and Nightsky rope I made the Oceans Wave strand. I had some trouble creating this, it didn't look good mixed, like the Spring Green strand. Now its in short ombre "waves". I think that it turned out really well. The blue tahitians are from cmw pearls and the bluish white south sea pearls from Druzydesign.
The extender is made as one wave.
Love the Ocean strand as well!!!! The blue and silverly waves make it truly dreamy....