My Pearls 2.0

Thank you SurfnSci. I do to. Yesterday whilst wearing one of my impressionistic strands, Secret Forest together with Hearts Delight the lenght of Secret Forest annoyed's about 22 inches. When I made the first I don't know maybe 7 I made the strands 17,5 inches and then an extender that's 4,5 inches. In that way I could wear the strand as a double bracelet or connect two extenders and wear as bracelets. However I don't use them as such, especially after making all those bracelets. So I am thinking of restringing them into maybe 19-20 inches, that's my prefered lenght for a shorter strand (not really long but not to close to the neck, I don't like that). And only using one clasp. That would free up lots of clasps, but only an inch or so of pearls per strand. I don't want to change the spirit of those strands. When I made Snowdrifts I didn't add two clasps.
That would mean a lot of restringing, some of them needs to be restrung anyway. There's Sunset, Night, Spring Green, Oceans Wave, Secret Forest and Wild Ocean if I haven't forgotten some. I also have some bracelet that needs restringing, some are a pearl too long. They do get a lot of use. Yesterday I did wear 4 of them on my left arm. None om my right, they get in my way and might get damaged.
Love love LOVE all your delights Charlotta!!!! But the Hearts delight rules them all for me;-)
You are quite right eolian pearls, pretty but there is only one to rule them all... I have restrung Spring Green, Sunset, Secret Forest and Oceans Wave so far. Now around 20 inches long. Forgot the tape measure at home, have to rely on the beading board and other strands. Lots of clasps freed up, not as many pearls. I have exchanged a few for better ones, for example a few goldens on Sunset and a few green akoyas in Spring Green. I have yet to restring Night and Wild Ocean.
I did get all of my two clasp impressionistic inspired strands restrung over the easter weekend. Secret Forest
And Spring Green
There's 3 golden greenish south sea pearls in it as well. There were some before as well, but I changed them for circled ones instead. They blend in better in real, the smaller green tahitians have lots of gold in them as well.
Sunset and Night got an upgrade as well. No each are around 20 inches and with a few pearl exchanged, for example I did add a purple tahitian next to the clasp of Sunset
They do look great together, linked together to make a rope. But I forgot to photograph that.
These are beautiful! :heart:
"Sunset" is my favorite! It's just all the colors, the textures and shapes and's just GORGEOUS
Thank you CortezPearls and SurfnSci. Sunset is my favorite as well. Finally the two blue strand in my impressionistic inspired collection. Oceans Wave and Wild Ocean

And with all these remakes I got quite inspired and made both a new bracelet and a necklace, tht I will show you later
Then the last two pieces. I remade the peacock tahitian and Ice blue akoya bracelet, Frozen Firn, yet again. It did remind me of something. When I was restringing Night I knew why. They do have a similar color selection. Frozen Firn did need some work though. First attempt
The smaller tahitians near the clasp made it unbalanced, not only design wise, it flipped over constantly as well... New version
I added some other peacock tahitians and a freshwater ripple. With the Night strand
Then I didn't like the pale golden south sea bracelet I made. First I tried it with a tahitian
Then I removed the tahitian...
Pretty and boring...well then I wanted to add a paleish freshwater ripple that looked pretty with the circled south sea pearls. Did I make a it's a new impressionistic inspired strand. I call it Easter Pastelles
It's so pretty. Do I generally like I like this one...probably inspired by all the pastelly yarn I played with when I made an amigurumi duck and a bear dressed as a chicken.
I did use edisons and freshwater ripples as well as the circled south sea pearls, but I also added the two focal pearls leftover from making my two deep golden south sea pearls and vintage akoya wavestrands. The focal pearls of that vintage double akoya strand was to big for those. The soft creamy color is perfect for Easter Pastelles, I added them closest to the clasp.
I haven't yet posted my latest makeover, well it's a simple one. I restored my golden south sea ripples to it's almost former glory of just south sea ripples pearls. It's a little bit shorter than 32 inches, some of the original pearls are clearly in some other creation. It is 29 inches so not really short anyway.

It's a great strand combined with others, like my Hearts Delight
I have also made a mixed south sea bracelet that I call Sunshine. It's such a happy bracelet

Mostly worn with others I rarely ever wears a bracelet on it's own anymore, here with Sunrise and Sunset with a green flash and Fairys Treasure
I am still wearing my Hearts Delight rope every single day. It gives me comfort in these troubled times. But I add other pearls as well...and a protective jadeit pendant on leather (never hurts I guess) and up to 4 bracelets...almost like a christmas tree, haha. Lately I have added an extender to my 20:ish strands so that they are a bit longer. I have a favorite 3,5 inches long white south sea extender with an aqua tahitian in the middle.

That aqua tahitian is gorgeous but have lots of small blemishes, very small in fact but distracting if close to the center of a strand. I also found an old photo of that jade pendant. I have wirewrapped it and oxidised the silver since I took these photos.

I love that the artist who carved it first started on the back side, changed his/her mind and started over on the other side.
Some more photos of my Hearts Delight

My darling. So many colors and. I also found a photo of that golden south sea ripples strand with my Deep Forest strand
So glad you're back and posting such beautiful creations!!! I LOVE your new Sunshine bracelet, the mix of GSS you chose is just gorgeous. I also love how well your GSS ripple strand pears with the other necklaces! (I am inspired to try to pair strands more often now, as I tend to wear only one at a time.) And wow, I also think I need a strand of south sea ripples now!
So glad you're back and posting such beautiful creations!!! I LOVE your new Sunshine bracelet, the mix of GSS you chose is just gorgeous. I also love how well your GSS ripple strand pears with the other necklaces! (I am inspired to try to pair strands more often now, as I tend to wear only one at a time.) And wow, I also think I need a strand of south sea ripples now!
*pairs. Somehow I can't the edit button yet on the new forum, oops!
I recently remade some south sea pearls into a rope that I think turned out really well. I haven't yet measured it, but it's somewhere around 32-36 inches I think. I call this one Summer Sun. The photos are not of the best quality since I took them and forgot to check them for several days, only sharp at the front of the photos...I try to take new ones soon.

Such a happy little mix. I wanted something like my newly made bracelet, Sunshine. But the rope is accually better. Well... Sunshine

I can always remake the bracelet if I want to.
Welcome back Charlotta!
Glad to see you're back on the designing table :D
These are LOVELY...bright and Summery!