My first EVER tahitians....

They are smooth drops without any rings/bumps etc (specified). They are set into the leaf collection settings (without the top hook parts). Will attach a pic showing the settings in a bit. Hence can't do anything to cover it!
I looked on PP to see the leaf collection setting. If they are not attached to the hook, (because you're going to use a different finding?) I don't understand why they cannot be rotated so that the blemish faces toward the back when worn.
They do sit right at the bottom of the pearls. It doesn't bother me that they can be seen or's more I know that it's there! It's soo much deeper then I would have imagined for a pearl blemish.
Ah! If it's any consolation, I have Tahitian earrings with blemishes also, but as they can't be seen when worn, I ignore them. ;)
It's not really the fact that it has a blemish, the other one has a really light blemish that I don't mind at all. The one on this pearl just seems so deep...!


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Oh just realised you can't really see the leaf settings in that pic! I've temporarily attached the pearls to some tiny gold hoops I had so I can wear them for a few days before I have to send them off again!
For what it's worth, the divot won't affect their durability, especially since they are earrings.
If it's really deep and you ordered 3A, that would bother me a lot as well. Noticeable blemishes on Tahitians really bother me. That said, as it's on the bottom, no one will really see it unless they have their face in your ear.