My strands and earrings from Pearl Paradise and Harmony Pearls


Dec 1, 2011
I mostly lurk here, but looking at all the photos on this forum has really helped me out, so I thought I'd post my very small collection of pearl strands and earrings.

From top to bottom:
small drop-shaped color-shifting pearls from Pearl Paradise

7.5-8mm Freshadamas from Pearl Paradise with rose overtones. I bought these several years ago, and all the online advice I could find said that as a pale redhead I'd probably prefer rose overtones. I've since learned that the rose just disappears into my skin, and therefore doesn't look as flattering as silvery pearls do near my face. But I still love the incredible luster of the pearls--maybe I should have these restrung as a bracelet? Hmmmm....

8.5-9.3mm AAA freshwaters from Amrita at Harmony Pearls. I bought these to jump up in size from my Freshadamas, and to try a different overtone. I love them, and Amrita is so responsive and helpful. I'll definitely be shopping with her again (probably soon-- pearls are addictive).

8.9-11.6mm Tahitians, selected for me by the wonderful Elia at Pearl Paradise. I asked for very colorful pearls with great luster, and could not be happier with the result! I'm really hoping PP stocks up on Tahitians again soon, as I'd like another strand of baroques with different body color. Tahitians are just so mesmerizing.

Left to right at bottom:
7mm Freshadama studs
Drops that match my Tahitian necklace
8.5-9ish studs that I found in a Viennese antique shop. They have unbelievable luster and blue, pink and green overtones. I dream of being able to go to PP in person (or to Amrita, but that's a longer trip!) to try to match them to a necklace.

I also added vendor shots of the Tahitians and the Harmony Pearls freshwaters, since my photos don't do them justice!

Not pictured: a strand of dyed black freshwaters, some peach/pink baroque freshwaters that disappear into my skin even more than the rose freshadamas, and some fakes from Kenneth Jay Lane :eek:


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Hi, and Welcome! We love it when lurkers finally come in from the cold and post!

Have you considered sending one of your favorite white earrings to PP so they could find a strand to match?

I know what you mean about rose-white disappearing on your skin. My sister once said to me as I was dressed in off-white with pink-overtone pearls "Are you trying to disappear?"

We're lucky we live in a time when colorful and non-pinked pearls are being recognized/appreciated and are more available.

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At least, I think​ the white metallics don't go through 'pinking'. Is that true, Jeremy? I know at one time we discussed 'pinking' in a thread, and it was said that everything white was pinked just routinely. Things have changed since then, right?
Calexandre you have such a lovely collection of pearls! Haha, yes, pearls are very addicting :) Your Tahitians are magnificent and those pearls from Amrita are gorgeous! I would love to see more photos and hear more about the studs you purchased from a Viennese antique shop. As Lisa mentioned, I am sure PP would be able to match a strand to them if you sent your earrings. I too have pink in my skin tone and I purchased a small rope of AAA akoyas from PP with silver overtones and they really pop against my skin.
Welcome! Your collection is off to a wonderful start! Great colors on your Tahitians, I bet they look gorgeous on.
At least, I think​ the white metallics don't go through 'pinking'. Is that true, Jeremy? I know at one time we discussed 'pinking' in a thread, and it was said that everything white was pinked just routinely. Things have changed since then, right?

I thought only akoyas were pinked?

calexandre, thanks for sharing your pearl photos. I think your Tahitians in particular are very pretty!
Hi Calexandre! Welcome to active participation at the Shrine of the Pearl Cult. Your collection is lovely and your Tahitians particularly gorgeous. Ta muchly for sharing with us. Pearls are incredibly addictive. Cheers!
Welcome, Calexandre~

Love seeing your pearls and hearing their stories!

My impression was that only white akoyas are pinked; it is considered a routine and customary treatment. And it is nearly all of them, although Jeremy does carry strands that are not pinked.
Thank you, Pattye! and PearlDreams! for remembering. I think it came up in a thread about disclosing routine pearl treatments, maeshori. Hope I spelled that correctly.
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Thank you all so much for your kind and welcoming comments!

Great suggestion, too, to send the pearl earrings I love to PP for a match. That'll be much quicker than waiting around until I can get there in person at some point (although I still aspire to do that too one day).

I tried to take some better pictures of the earrings-- those pearls are chameleons, so they're hard to capture. At least you can tell how lustrous they are from my reflection in them!:D


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