Men in Pearls part LIX


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Dec 11, 2004
I enjoyed seeing this :

(Thumbs up)Jewelmer, the leading producer of golden Palawan South Sea pearls, recently named Anton del Rosario, Emilio “Chiefy” Caligdong and Simon Greatwich of the Azkals as their new Pearl Ambassadors. And they’re wearing golden South Sea pearl necklaces to show for it (though not on the field, of course). “Jewelmer’s Pearl Ambassadors are individuals with exemplary characteristics or talents who best represent what it is to be Filipino,” said Jewelmer marketing manager Mia Macapagal. “Anton, Chiefy and Simon, as part of Azkals, the Philippine football team, raise the Philippine flag on the football field every time they compete.”
Indeed, as the National Gem, the Philippine South Sea pearl is a treasure unique to the Philippines and something to take pride in. “These young men have proven their exemplary talent and, like the pearl, are a source of pride for the country,” said Macapagal.
As a symbol of their being Jewelmer Pearl Ambassadors, the football players proudly wear a golden South Sea pearl around their necks. “At first they were a bit hesitant about wearing pearls,” said Macapagal. “But now that they have it, they don’t seem to want to take it off!
Ah please free men from those horrible cufflinks and let them wear jewelry ;););)


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lol now that is a bold look - not to sure I could pull off 12 pearl necklaces myself, but that man does it effortlessly :)
Wow! He's got the right attitude to carry it off, looks a little mean. Gotta have a little testosterone for a guy to wear that much jewelry and not look wimped. Course that much ornamentation = wealth = power. Who is he Anna?
Here is a photo of the Gaikwar of Baroda facing p 460 in the Book of the Pearl. (which is out of copyright) He is wearing the full 7 strand pearl necklace of Baroda. This necklace may the the finest the world has ever seen.

Somewhere in these pages, we recorded when just 2 strands of the Baroda necklace (owned by an American fashion designer) came up for auction. Those pearls were cherry picked from the original 7 strander. There is probably no other pearl necklace in the world of this size and quality.


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Thanks Anna, Nora & Caitlin!
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Tahitian Pearls definitely open the door for men. I get lots of questions and often requests to make something. I was at a party last year and a gentleman asked me what bead I was wearing, I told him it was Cultured Tahitian Pearl. He said " A real Pearl?"...started a whole conversation about pearls (and a new client was won).