Matched FW metallic pairs go into... a necklace! or 3 necklaces))

BWeaves, GemGeek, thank you ladies) it looks like all the three strands are going to stay together in the hands of one owner))

hanadama, the tongues of the clasps in the smaller diameters were too thin to machine polish. The smallest ones (from the 6mm clasps) were bent under the torch with heat and couldn't be used at all after it. The bigger sizes I managed to "save", but it was A LOT of work and i'm still not 100% happy with the result (I'm about 90% happy with it).

Katbran, to be honest, I cannot recollect receiving clasps with soldered jump rings from bella findings. I always soldered them myself.. do you receive them already with jump rings? I feel conned now :D
And the rainbow ends .... here :) While I couldn't visit that market in person, Lugana graciously agreed to experiment, along with me, in bringing the market to me. I am incredibly happy with this gorgeous ombre of freshwater pearls. The subtle gradations of colors are masterful, luster is delightful, and I can hardly believe my good fortune! Today the sun finally was shining here, and I wore the 3 strands as a doubled rope, to a big yarn & fiber festival. Surrounded by thousands of skeins of hand dyed fibers and yarns, and the artists who create the glorious colors and use them, 6 different people stopped me to ask about the pearls, and tell me how lovely they were ... that NEVER happens! All 3 necklaces and clasps work, and look great together; this is my favorite way to wear them. THANK YOU, Lugana!

P.S. Lugana is a perfectionist ... the clasps look perfect :)
Thank you Marianne! It was an exciting adventure to get pearls from a flea market across an ocean! If only they'd come with the sunshine to go along with them ... but they make their own sun :)
Aw, thank you Pattye :) The drops on these pieces are particularly lovely shapes. I'm like you; while I admire a perfect round strand of pearls, usually I'll choose any other shape first. The few ripples accenting the 2 longer strands are a really nice touch!
Cathy - Those pearls are gorgeous, and truly went to a discerning owner who can appreciate them. Your story about the weavers who noticed your pearls helps me to understand the eye of our own BWeaves even more. I did not realize that those who love weaving would naturally appreciate the beautiful ombre effect in pearls. Of course, it makes sense. Wonderful story.
I am a big ombre fan and these are wonderful!!! They are truly lovely on you CathyK.
And there is the happy owner! I love the way you are wearing them and I can see that people would marvel over them. Such a happy thread this is!
Cathy these pearls were meant to be yours. They look perfect on you!

Lagana well done :)
Cathy--I am so happy to see those pearls on you. They are wonderful and you wear them beautifully! Congratulations and great grab across the seas!!
Those are beautiful on you, Cathy. I love the shape, luster, and ombre effect. Very nice!
Thank You, Red! Surrounded by thousands of skeins of hand dyed yarns, in colors and combos to dream of, I shouldn't have been surprised by people with an eye to noticing color. Might have also been because I was the ONLY one wearing pearls. Everyone else was wearing their hand knit shawls, scarves, woven pieces ... my own shawl, finished in the wee hours, was in a bag to show it's yarn dyers, but unwearable because I didn't have time to weave in the loose ends and block the shawl ... so the pearls were the understudy lol ... and they were up to the job.
Internet was wonky last night, and I could only see on my phone, so I'm playing "catch up".

Katbran, yes, I fell in love with the spring flower petal colors; Thanks!

Bailey 1856, I've been just dreaming of an ombre strand ... any ombres LOL ... so I was thrilled to get these. Thank You :)

Gem Geek, I bet you weren't surprised by the new owner :) It was pretty clear I was in love with these, pursuing them shamelessly lol. Doubled is the way I like them best; shows off the shading the best, I think. Thank you so much!

Newberry; these pearls shouted at me from across the sea like a mermaid's siren call ... I love them.

Pearly-Whites; it was such a fun adventure to figure out how to adopt these pearly treasures; I'm delighted with them. Many thanks :)

SunSeeker, Thank you; that's sweet! Finally ombre pearls ... I've regretted giving up an ombre strand of Tahitians a while back in favor of another strand. I still think of that strand "Why, oh why did I do that???", although I think it lives with one of our PG friends now. So when this ombre chance came up, I was determined ...!

Thank you all so much :)