Matched FW metallic pairs go into... a necklace! or 3 necklaces))

Thank you MSC; it's the pearls that are radiant, but I'll take whatever help I can get lol.
Oh Cathy, you look so radiant wearing your new pearls - a perfect match!! Can't wait to see you wearing them in person!!
I truly look forward to that, lmgarden ... wish it was tomorrow :) :) :) Hopefully July ruckus. Thank You!
Cathy!! Congratulations! They look stunning as an ombré rope and you wear them so well.
Oh I'm so glad you like them Cathy! I'm double glad that all the three strands stayed together - they make a lovely set all together)) thank you very much for this experience - your sureness helped us through)))) I love the way you toped them!))
I LOVE the pearls, Lugana ... the pearls were lovely to begin with, but it's the way you put them together, with the eye of an artist, that stole my heart! I turn them a different way each time I wear them, so I can see all the colors, like a bouquet of flowers :) My job description for many years involved a lot of projects, all of which boiled down to "Go figure out how to get this done" lol ... came in handy, although I admit the postal services make me nervous :) All in, a delightful experience!!!
Cathy: ". . . Surrounded by thousands of skeins of hand dyed fibers and yarns, and the artists who create the glorious colors and use them. . ."

That sounds like heaven to me. Yarn and pearls. A weaver's paradise.
It was, BWeaves! Even if I was the only pearl representative lol ... the colors on those yarns made me dizzy. While there were spinning wheels, a loom or 3, some raw wool etc., the focus was more on knitting etc, finished yarns as it was a small show, close to me. Still, for a color junkie like me, delirious. I have been lobbying to go to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival later this spring; similar but MUCH bigger ... not that I NEED more yarn ... or pearls LOL.
I've been dyeing (pun intended) to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival for years. Greg retires in June, and then our travel opportunities open up to any time of year. We won't be locked into his school year anymore.
You look so happy and lovely wearing your new pearls, Cathy. Your smile put a smile on my face. :)
Aw, you just made my day, Amti ... that's so kind of you to say ... thank you!