Matched FW metallic pairs go into... a necklace! or 3 necklaces))


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Sep 13, 2016
Hi everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank all and every forum member for sharing there thoughts, ideas and projects. Since I've joined, I felt very inspired with this thread topics - it's amazing how many ideas are shared here. It made me feel braver :)
I think I mentioned already, I live in a very distant province of Spain. I have a rather extended collection of my own pearls, and some time ago (with a kind push from husband worded as "WHAT?? MORE pearls??") I started running a Sunday market stall to balance my desire to buy pearls and our joint desire to support the local animal rescue kennel (we have a dog from them, who "helps" me a lot with matching :D so it all goes hand in hand)).

About a year ago I've got a lot of 100 matched metallic freshwater drop pearls, and used to make 2-3 pairs of earrings a week. Playing on the safe side)) but my inner "designer" me started craving for more, and I've had an idea of making a necklace out of matched pairs. That would be a way more expensive than my average project, and also once drilled through the pearls could not be used any more as earrings. I've been thinking about it for a few months, until finally..


Last Friday I had a glass of wine. And then another one. And then I drilled 54 pairs through. I added some matched pairs of metallic ripples, and this all together resulted into three strands.

Mettalic strands 1.JPG

Mettalic Strands 3.JPG

After matching onto temporary thread, I went to Patricia's etsy store and ordered a wide variety of Beaders Secret threat. The delivery to Spain is almost 14 dollars, so it made sense to order more at a time. I used to string on pure silk, but the choice of colours is very limited here.. so I feel very excited about all the different colours! Patricia was super quick with shipping and even gifted 2 needles to me :) I cannot wait to try it, after reading so many great reviews!

One part of me still says I shouldn't have done it, and they will not sell. I think I will keep one to myself, and let's see what will be with the others.. But at least it made a difference in my routine :) thanks everyone)
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Lugana, those are really really wonderful strands you have made! The addition of the ripple pearls really adds such a wonderful element to the strands! I would love to see a neck shot. Seriously, I love your placement of the pearls...not fussy at all. They look like they were meant to be that way, as if they came out of the shell in that order. Did I say how much I LOVE this? (and I should note, I am very partial to multicolor pearl strands)
Lugana, those 3 strands are brilliant! Really lovely, inventive and gorgeous!!! My family and I visited Spain this past spring, and found it to be truly wonderful ... we long to return ... and yes, if I were wandering in Spain, I'd buy all 3 of those strands in a heartbeat :) I'd also love to see more photos ...
Ooh I love these!! And the ombré look! So pretty!
Oh those necklaces look great. The luster of the pearls is fantastic. Great job, Lugana. I love those candy-colored pearls, they're almost edible.
Gorgeous I love the FW drops and their colour. Can't wait to see the finished product!
JerseyPearl, THANK you for your lovely comment! I've wanted these strands to look a bit "summery" (if I can say so)), sort of lighter organic look, and ripples added some nice texture contrast to it) I'm so pleased you like it)
Congratulations on your new Etsy shop! So glad for you!!

Thank you Cathy! it's so nice you enjoyed your stay here - but I bet everything seemed over relaxed and maybe even a bit lazy to you here after the States) I will definitely post neck shots after I receive the parcel from Patricia and finish the necklaces)

Pearl Dreams, JoannaK, hanadama, Pareltje, kelluvpearls, MSC, BWeaves, kalmen22, thank you ladies! It seems like I didn't waste the pearls in vain since you all approved the result)) I will post more photos when they are strung! thank you for support)

Such beautiful arrangements and spectacular lustre and color on the pearls! Surely your clients will fall in love with them! Your Saturday market stall sounds like great fun and benefits a worthy cause~you may have noticed we're big on pets around here! (Hope your package is there quickly and everything works out well. International shipping costs pretty much doubled last year; hopefully they won't go up again soon.)

I so love how we inspire, challenge and appreciate each other here!
Your strands are gorgeous, Lugana! I know you will love working with the Beader's Secret threads. Best of luck with choosing which strand you will keep for yourself :)
Yes, pattye's Beader's Secret is amazing! And the variety of colors and sizes are really great too.

ETA: If not for the encouragement I received from pattye and others, I never EVER would have tried to string pearls...the folks here are wonderful and so helpful. Please post a photo of your strands when complete.
All the 3 strands are beautiful. I really would like to see a neckshot!