Mana leather bracelet from Kamoka


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Feb 1, 2012
Hello Pearl Friends:
Here are the photos of my bracelet. It is rugged and well made, and the pearl and MoP are quite lovely. One of the photos appears to show a chip on the corner of the MoP piece, but it is not a chip, I think it must be a light refraction abberration of some type. Looking closely at it, I cannot see a chip at all, and the corner is perfect.
If anyone is considering this bracelet, I hope my photos help you decide.


  • Microfaceted blue topaz necklace on banana trunk
    Microfaceted blue topaz necklace on banana trunk
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  • "One World" pearl necklace on lotus leaf
    "One World" pearl necklace on lotus leaf
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  • Pastel pearls in hand
    Pastel pearls in hand
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  • Black pearls
    Black pearls
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Very nice! I have the Mana necklace and agree that the MOP tag is really lovely:)
The Mana Bracelet is a awesome I really like the MOP tag, Very Nice touch!
One more story about a Kamoka leather bracelet.

First there was one (a special order, therefore out of ordinary)
It was so perfect that it was not enough, and a necklace came too.

But it was also too perfect to wear it on the neck without seeing it,
So it landed on my wrist too, next to the first one.

One is blue-pink, another one is golden-olive.
I never thought that Tahitian pearls can be of such colours.

I love them so much that I look at my wrist every five minutes.
Because of that I dropped my very heavy suitcase on an escalator in the airport on the man behind me.

The three of us (me and the pearls) are very happy together.







Wow Olga. Those are lovely! The kamokas are stunning and seem so lustrous! Just love those mana bracelets... Can we know the cost of that special order?