Need comments on these pearls (from various sources)


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Dec 31, 2017
Hi everyone! I've been using this forum for guidance for a few months and I am grateful for every feedback and advices I had received in my other posts. So I have been building my pearl collection since December of last year, and now I have a few pearls from various sources (and countries). Most of the vendors I bought from are considered reputable, but there are a few pearls that I cannot 100% sure they are what the sellers claimed them to be, so I need your eyes and experience to help me judge them. Here are my own extra observation and experience about these pearls, feel free to tell me if I'm wrong because I love to learn more about pearls:
Pearl #1 is a gift from my friend who is a jeweler designer from India. I don't mind if this is fake or real, but I'm just curious. This pearl is not as gritty as other pearls in my collection, and the hole areas look pretty strange. (Is that the coating peels?)
Pearl #2,#3, #5 (loose pearls) and the bracelet is from the same EBay vendor. I have mixed feelings about them. The pearls are just slightly gritty and my Indian friend said that pearl #5 is a very good fake (I didn't show her the others). I start to doubt that they are good shell pearls, but I cannot tell shell pearls and real pearls apart because seem like they have similar textures. But again, I don't know if I should trust my friend, because not all jewelers know a lot about pearls. Her way of examine is through hearing their sound and rolling the pearl on her hand. She doesn't know the rub test tho.
The earring studs are from a pearl company in my country, which actually have their own farms and have good local reputation. The sale clerk told me that they are sea pearls and they are natural colors. I did not know about pearl back then btw. After buying and looking at tahitian pearls online, I have to say that these studs don't look like tahitian much. The sale clerk didn't tell me if they was akoya or tahitian. I hope to know what they are and if they are dyed. They are obviously gritty and smell salty when I get them btw.
Thank you so much for reading this long post. All comments and critics are appreciated and I hope to learn more about pearls from other members. If you need more photos of certain pearls, I can definitely take more.


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My screen capture resized some of my photos so I'll repost them:


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The peach colored pendant #5 looks like a natural colored freshwater pearl.
#2 looks like a light colored GSS (yellow rather than gold)
#3 looks like a Tahitian

I can't see #1 and #4 well enough to comment.
The studs could be dyed akoya pearls; less likely dyed freshwaters. What is the metal? Are they diamonds or other stones?

What is the metal of the bracelet and what size are the bracelet pearls?
The studs' metal is silver and the stone are probably CZ. I paid around $110 for them in Vietnam.
The bracelet metal is sterling silver plated with 18k gold. Pearls sizes are 11.4 and 11.3 8mm. I will try to take better photos of #1 and #4 tomorrow since it getting dark in my area and the lights in my house are not bright enough.
So, the studs could be dyed akoyas. Akoyas do not come in that color naturally. Neither do FWP.

What did the eBay seller say the bracelet pearls are? I've seen Tahitians and SSP on silver bracelets in that style. (Gold plating over silver is vermeil and should be stamped 925). They might be FWP or they might be pale yellow GSS.