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A TON of Tin Cup styles using South Sea and Tahitian pearls out and about, especially on celebrity necks! As a lot of you know, I run a weekly blog on our website that features different celebrities wearing the latest in pearl jewelry trends.

Well, I was watching Rock The Cradle last night (I know, I know- Geek!) and spotted Olivia Newton John wearing the coolest Tin Cup style- multiple chains with top-drilled White, Gold and Pinkish Pearls (South Seas I suspect...), and loved it so much I started digging for pictures of it. I did not find that exact necklace, but I did find a picture of her wearing this Pelosi-Style Tin Cup- I guess she likes her pearls!

I was going to leave this one for next week, but thought it would be fun to start a thread and see what the hottest new designs are that everybody has spotted "out and about"!

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Hi There Mary-

The 'Tin-Cup' style got it's name from a popular movie here in the US starring Kevin Costner and Rene Russo; she wore the necklace throughout the majority of the movie, and revived a beautiful style that can handle day or evening apparel fairly effortlessly :D

The basic style of the necklace itself uses pearls (or Swarovsky crystals in more fashion-jewelry categories) that have been individually stationed on a Gold or Sterling chain at measured intervals. The result is a very light, airy piece that retains a Classic feel.

Mixing and matching of various media including rough-cut gemstone beads, different pearls and chain lengths are also very popular- I'd love to create one BIG one- like 72" that I could wrap around my neck 2 or 3 times (dreaming!)


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And the name of the movie is, "Tin Cup."
Thank you - never knew why that style was called Tin cup either - I've been enlightened! I do love the style, particularly with a drop at the front. Have to say though that the Olivia Newton-John necklace in the photo is spectacular! Anyone game to whip one up and get it up on their site?
I really love the pearl dangling also, and one could have so many variations of it-----------and bracelets to match------

so many pearls, so little time
A necklace/bracelet set has been on my mind also lately...

Ooooh a necklace will be very pretty - especially with the colourful ones that you have in sizes XXXXXL.
They seem to be two distinct looks to me - ONJ's 3-strand necklace with white, gold, and dark pearls attached on the chain, and the tin cup style with the pearls attached in the chain. I much prefer ONJ's version of multiple necklaces with offset pearls hanging off it. That's a fabulous look. I personally don't prefer the tin cup style as much but would definitely purchase a piece with multiple drops.
Wow, I think ONJ's pearls are more meaningful than we could imagine. Has anyone seen this?

Thanks for posting this! What a beautifully sung number and how appropriate for this forum....I think the string instrument in it almost sounded like the sitar, but I may be wrong. Anyway, this was great!:cool: