Help clueless boyfriend select necklace length (and pearl size) for tall girlfriend

So probably my final update: I've been in communication with Pearl Paradise and I think I'm going to purchase from them. The 9.0-9.5mm AA+ Baroque Akoya I linked previously, but with an additional 2" of length (20" total). I was a little nervous about going with non-round or non-AAA-grade pearls, but that compromise allows me to get the dramatic size I think would work well for her. Then they sent some comparison photos that really convinced me. Side by side with a same-size strand of AAA round pearls, you can see the difference if you look very closely, but the "baroque" pearls are still very round, and the lustre and surface are still very impressive to my eye. I was worried it might LOOK like it was a lower-grade of pearl, but even side by side with a top-grade strand it looks very nice, and I imagine by itself it will really shine. I've attached some of the images they shared, the strand I am likely to purchase is the one on the right, labelled "baroque".

I'm going to sleep on it before ordering, but I think this is the route to take. I would REALLY appreciate any last minute feedback if you have any. Am I right that this looks like a high quality necklace? Or to someone with a more discerning eye like y'all (and my girlfriend) does this look like a lower-quality choice?

Thanks so much for everyone who responded, I really appreciate all your help, I really don't think I'd have been able to figure out the right options, nor find such a nice necklace as I did , without it. So again, much appreciated! And I'm sure my girlfriend thanks you, based on your feedback, she'll be getting 9+mm pearls instead of 7+ :)


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Pearl Paradise (and many other vendors, of course) has top notch Akoya pearls...ALWAYS. You can't go wrong if what you are looking is quality and price with them :)
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I'm just going to flip that last photo for you-- and I think the baroque akoyas look great! The other 2 photos to follow in next post.

RocketScientist's baroque akoyas.jpg
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I'm just going to flip that last photo for you-- and I think the baroque akoyas look great! The other 2 photos to follow in next post.

Haha, thanks! For some reason they kept posting rotated, the originals are not in the orientation they got attached in and I could not get them to post correctly for some reason. Appreciate the help!
Photos appearing in the wrong orientation seems to be a common problem here. Sometimes resizing the photos helps, sometimes not.
They are beautiful pearls and I’m sure your gf will be delighted to receive them. The quality looks excellent. I’m glad you’re buying them, so I’m not tempted to...
That Batoque strand is an excellent choice!! I’m sure she’s going to love it! Neck pictures please when she receives it!!
Just wondering if you bought the baroques, RocketScientist, and how do they look on your girlfriend?
Fantastic present, I'd be thrilled to open that box!
I only skimmed this topic, but did anyone mention matching earrings? A simple drop would still be appropriate for business settings. If you order them all at the same time, PP can match to the necklace.