Lagoon Island Pearl Farm

You are surrounded by great beauty, which should inspire your efforts to produce marine beauties. ;)

Especially days like today. Indian summer is so calm.


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Beautiful spot for a farm! What species of mussel are you growing Dave?
What a great post, Dave, thanks. It'll be interesting to learn whether Californianus needs the extremes to thrive. By rafting together, you mean all the working/living rafts, but not the mollusks?
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Awesome, thanks Dave for transporting me into your world with that post. I sure would love to visit. My camera and appetite are never lacking but it's definitely time to invest in a wet (or dry) suit. Might have to wait for the next windfall for that one!
Hey Steve, good to hear from you. :)
OK, I'm going to stick my neck out with a date. Weekend of the 11th and 12th of June. My wife has a writer's conference in Vancouver that weekend so I'll be able to hang, explore and talk pearls that weekend. What do you guys think?
Josh, I'm sitting in Vancouver writing this, here to work with our wine agents for this part of the world. 12/13 June won't work for me, I was pointing towards late July (not to conflict with Ruckus)?but no need to wait for me!
Either date is workable for me, but I'd advise folks travel together to share costs. The ferries to and from the island are pricey so that makes flying from Seattle, Vancouver or Victoria inviting. Otherwise, it's a spectacular drive. Plan 5-6 hours. With or without a vehicle doesn't matter. Most resorts have shuttles, taxis are available and things are generally walking distance. Most of the time, we'll be in a boat, at the floatilla or hiking somewhere.

Solos or a couple are welcomed to bunk in at the farm or in town. Think of it as camping, so bring rain gear, boots and sleeping bag. I'll provide water transport/skippers, lifejackets and cruiser suits, gloves, cooking facilities and tools. Sandals and flops are okay most of the time but not recommended around the reaches to the lagoon.

Tidal Data for Lagoon Island on 2011-06-13 (Monday)
Time Height
PDT (m) (ft)
05:31 0.3 1.0 This is when the lagoon is accessible on foot.
11:55 2.9 9.5
17:17 1.5 4.9
23:21 3.7 12.1
2011-07-25 (Monday)
Time Height
PDT (m) (ft)
03:22 1.1 3.6
09:54 2.3 7.5
14:36 1.8 5.9
20:57 3.0 9.8
2011-07-26 (Tuesday)
Time Height
PDT (m) (ft)
04:23 0.9 3.0
10:58 2.5 8.2
15:47 1.8 5.9
21:54 3.1 10.2
2011-07-27 (Wednesday)
Time Height
PDT (m) (ft)
05:14 0.7 2.3
11:47 2.6 8.5
16:49 1.8 5.9
22:48 3.3 10.8

2011-07-28 (Thursday)
Time Height
PDT (m) (ft)
05:59 0.5 1.6
12:28 2.8 9.2
17:42 1.6 5.2
23:39 3.4 11.2
2011-07-29 (Friday)
Time Height
PDT (m) (ft)
06:41 0.4 1.3
13:05 2.9 9.5
18:30 1.5 4.9
2011-07-30 (Saturday)
Time Height
PDT (m) (ft)
00:27 3.5 11.5
07:19 0.2 0.7
13:42 3.1 10.2
19:16 1.3 4.3

Again, mid July has early morning low tides for hiking the lagoon. Most other things on the tour are not necessarily tidal dependent.
Friday 29th and Saturday 30 July low tides appear to be tourist-friendly. Logic says a group needs to leave Seattle on the Thursday the 28th, enjoy a day's travel by van up to Tofino, and spend the evenings of 28/29/30, traveling back on Sunday the 31st.

Six heads minimum sharing the van is probably what we need to make it go. We would be two.
Oh man, this sounds like so much fun. I would drive from Portland, probably. Be great to share costs on a van. What are others thinking? Fly to Vancouver first? I'm thinking of saving money and having a road trip (photo opportunities, roadside mushroom foraging, etc). What works for others, or ARE there others?
Sounds very tempting, but I'm not sure I can swing a second trip in July of that length. I started a job in May so my travels are more limited this summer than in the past. I hope you guys go. It sounds like fun!
The coincidence of those early-morning low tides and that mid-summer weekend is too tempting. I've checked with my wife and we're still in, driving from Seattle as above (will trust that Josh knows his mushrooms). Unfortunately, it would put the final nail in any plans we might be able to make for Ruckus this year. If the party ends up being 5 or less we can just all jump in our SUV and share gas (it's a hybrid).
A little early for mushrooms, September is better for that.

July has ideal weather and tides.

Weather can change, so we're able to reverse the order of the places on the tour to avoid wind or fog.

We'll start the day early with a walking tour either at Lagoon Island or Clayoquot (Stubb's) Island, then end up at the other.

I hope you like seafood.