Lagoon Island Pearl Farm

Wow. Prosperity and fun to you...and courage to get through the arduous and hard times you are setting for yourself
And when you want a European retailer.....!
Good luck to you Dave. I will definitely want your farm on my pearl tour whenever I have the time. I like the passion all of you farmers have for this pearling life. Its inspiring. Truly.

Oh and I like the tune in your video as well.
Are you sure that North America is big enough for two pearl farms? :D

This is terrific news. Be sure to give us regular reports when you get back to networked civilization. :cool:
Exciting times! How long does it take to drive from Victoria to Tofino? Looks like a pretty tiny road across Vancouver Island.

Maybe I missed something, but which species of pearl oyster will you be farming?
I made it to Tofino, just in time for major winter storms. Not really the best conditions for boating, but cetainly nice for pictures.

The first pic is the Pacific Ocean from the Wild Pacific Trail.

No sooner do I arrive, but get comandeered to deckhand aboard a boat to search for a lost scientific bouy. The next few pictures are seaside from Hot Springs Cove, showing the no-so-nice weather


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Tofino is a quaint fishing/tourist town at the extreme west end of Canada. There are several marinas, adequate supplies and lots to do for boaters and landlubbers alike.

California sea lions gather at Neptune's dock (in Ucluelet)


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I was delighted to find accomodations near the farm, from a long time friend, who owns this floathouse, docks and workshop. As it turns out, cell phones reach the farm quite well and apparently so does the internet, once I get a plugin device from my laptop.

Not nearly as remote as the old days, for sure.


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Naturally, feeding yourself around here comes easy.

Fresh rock crabs, clams and oysters grow wild and are readily available over the side or on the beach at low tide.


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So lovely! About 5 years ago I went on a wonderful kayak trip in these environs. Visited Ucluelet, Tofino, Barkley Sound, and those hot springs. Also ate the biggest oysters I ever saw in my life - they were huge! And ono-licious. Your part of the world is almost as nice as mine.;-)

Just another fan cheering you on and happily following your adventures and admiring the photos!

Good news that you will stay connected via technology. The floathouse looks charming, and of course, nothing better than fresh crab and clams, someone else can have my share of the oysters!
It looks like fun to me, but I know it's very demanding work. Thanks for the tempting photos. ;)
Thanks for including us in your reporting. It will be a fantastic record of events if you stick to your pattern.

I like the principal that you are going back again with some experience under your belt. "Perseverance Furthers" is one of my favorite mottoes. I hope you become, "The Little Pearl Farm That Could". A real Sea Biscuit kind of story. Best Wishes.
Great photos Dave. Really makes one want to come and visit, especially the seafood. Pattye, I'll take your share of oysters if that's OK. Dave is it Bring-Your-Own-Lemon up your way?

Josh I will fight you for Pattye's share of the oysters, but someone else can have my seat in the boat....
I don't get oysters - to me they taste like sea water jelly....

Raw? You mean you don't like the slippery feel when they come down your throat with a squirt of lime/lemon mix with salt & pepper or the tangy, spicy taste of horseradish mix with cocktail sauce? :D
Mmmmm Oysters are wonderful floured, fried in bacon grease (in a cast iron fry pan) and eaten on buttered toast. A happy childhood memory of my Grandma's cooking. :)
PS, don't even get me started on crab.mmmmmmmm