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Keshi pearl IN a pearl


Natural Pearl
Here is something we've never come across before and Hisano has sliced A LOT of souffle pearls! There are two little pearls growing inside a souffle! She let me photograph it before it was cleaned and polished.


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    Pearl in a pearl.jpg
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Wow, that is really interesting!! Hisano, who knows what else you'll find in the future... Yikes!!! Great idea to include in the design.


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That is like finding a pearl while eating a clam! So cool...and wow the "mud" inside of the soufflé is kind of interesting too...never saw that before...ugly duckling to swan in pearl form. Please post the final product. And please do tell Hisano her designs are really wonderful!

eta: I wonder if the pearls were formed before the "mud" was inserted into the animal.
Hisano has sliced A LOT of souffle pearls! There are two little pearls growing inside a souffle!

By virture of that the incidence of occurrence is low.

I've marked the image for comments.

The red line appears to be the incision along the sac where the pearl was expressed and the mud packed. Inside the green line, there's a gap between edges of the cut, bridged by conchiolin, then aragonite on successive layers. For whatever reason by prolapse, affinity or infection... pearls formed at that level. Most likely due to granular tissue nucleation aka scar.

At first glance, I thought these may have been present in the pearl sac only to end up in the muck, but two close together and fused along a scar line suggests they formed subsequent to the packing. Likewise, they are not "nacred" to the pearl like a mabe or a blister, insomuch as fused to the lining by their pearl sac.

They're technically natural although convention would have them as cultural. There was human intervention, but clearly coincidental and unintentional.

An intriguing specimen.


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    Pearl in a pearl_marked.jpg
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Just curious; it looks like there's a tiny third pearl, or a bit of nacre, all the way at the top of the cavity, slightly to the left, just outside Dave's "green line" ? May be just a photo artifact?