Introduciiiiiing - Bird Bath!!!


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Sep 6, 2015
Hello Ladies, it's been a while since I've posted a craft project - it took me a long while to unpack a lot of my crafting supplies when I moved in the spring/summer time.

So I've teased about this upcoming project back in Aug 17, 2018, and have only completed it this weekend. Yup. lol. Bird Bath is finally here!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!
IMG_5392 2.jpg

Some of you may remember my tiny origami projects from this thread:!-Stars-cranes-amp-flowers!!!

And showed components for this upcoming project here:!!!&p=208173&viewfull=1#post208173

I told Hisano that I wanted to line one of her sliced pearls with my crazy little stars, and she so graciously found me the perfect pearl for my project! Here's a close-up of Bird Bath. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!
Love the idea and the beautiful elements and colors. It turned out wonderfully.

Now I want a Zen garden ring :)
Welcome back, Purranha. Love your big, colorful pearl ring. The best kind of ring for you. At least, I'm assuming it is a ring.
Oooh Purranha ... this is so delightful it makes me dizzy ❣️ Beautiful, creative and so much fun :) And now I’m dreaming of a tiny tide pool, with teeny tiny stars as starfish, and one of Sheri’s bitty little octopus creatures in ... pendant I think ...?
What a wonderful and creative outcome, and such a delight for a newbie here to discover the tiny origami thread - just amazing!